DEADHEADS – This One Goes To 11 (Album Review)

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Deadheads - This Goes To 11
Deadheads – This Goes To 11

Deadheads are a four piece, high energy, rock and roll band from Sweden. They have released two full length albums and have toured all over Europe, playing together with bands like Imperial State Electric, Monster Magnet and Supersuckers .  It is nice that I have been able to check out this album, as the very first review I did for Decibel Geek was for their previous release Loadead in 2015.

The latest release, This Goes To 11, is another slice of their stripped back corrosive rock and roll, with a kmowing tip of the hat to Spinal Tap in its title.

Deadheads – This One Goes To 11

Released on High Roller Records, this album contains 11 tracks of greasy rawk . All the main ingredients of a good fry up are in place; the angry vocals, the buzzy guitars, the thumping bass and the booming drums.

First out of the box is the song “Black Out“, which starts with a mass of Middle Eastern music. The song then proceeds at 100 miles an hour and seems to (suitably) allude to a lack of time . It is a statement of intent by the band and then some!  The guitar work on the song is exceptional and Deadheads seem to be positioning themselves as the new Hanoi Rocks.


The pace drops a little little bit  for “Don’t Mind The Ghost“, which has a fantastic chorus.  The guitar tone is rich and the drums drive the forward motion of the track.  There is a punk vibe with a telling flash of the Damned.  Influences are worn as a badge of honor in the Deadheads‘ hothouse.

The collection strains to keep on the railroad tracks with “Somebody Along The Way“.  The high tempo game of chicken grabs you by both ears and pulls you into an alley to mug you with its blazing coolness.

Rolling Stones come to mind for “Manic Mondays” with its piano parts, but the real ace in the pack is “Too Lost To Be Found“, which mellows the mood with haunting keys and a great melody.

The Plan” passes by without too much fuss, to be followed by the punky strains of “Instant Control”. Other highlights hitting the mark are the Rival Sons sounds of “2 Steps Before The Fall” and the final track, “Status Low“.

Final Thoughts

The album is a mammoth slab of rock that fits well for those who love the classic sound of Rolling Stones, Hanoi Rocks or Rival Sons.  Get your ears dirty and strap on the air guitar…Deadheads live forever!


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