DEADLY CIRCUS FIRE – Edinburgh Opium (Concert Review)

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David (Vox) – Deadly Circus Fire


The last time I saw Deadly Circus Fire was at Bloodstock Metal Festival, way back in 2011. If memory serves me correctly, it was the same year that I saw them at Hammerfest in Wales. Both times, I was mightily impressed.

Therefore, I was delighted to find out that not only were they touring, but playing my home town in Edinburgh at a venue called Opium, a club/bar in the Cowgate area of town. There was also the chance to see them with a new singer and frontman in the shape of David Pear. Having heard one new track previously with him, I was excited to hear him live. Glad to say I was not disappointed.

Even before they hit the stage, it was fun watching new boy David Pear jumping around, exercising and warming up.  Seeing someone so fired up and not even on stage was interesting. Once onstage, I could see why he limbers up!  His energy levels are through the roof. The really pleasing thing was his voice performs brilliantly throughout. His vocals are pretty clear all night, even with all the leaping and twirling.

David (vox) Mike (bass) DCF

The first three songs are from their debut album “The King And The Bishop”. Opening with “Leviathan”, with its Tool meets Mastodon vibe, it was an intense opening with some very tight time changes before the vocals power in. A mix of clean and screamed vocals showed off David’s versatility nicely. The rhythm guys, Paul P Igoe on drums and Mike Enort on bass, keep it together beautifully all night.  Bassist Mike Enort was another focal point, moving around and getting right up front and interacting regularly with David.

The King And The Bishop” was outstanding.  Some of the bass work had me transfixed. The opening guitar riff from Save Addarrio is a belter and sounded terrific live. Changes in mood and tempo, between aggressive and mellow are constructed and delivered beautifully.

From the album “The Hydra’s Taylor ” came “House Of Plagues”, with its constant scream of “lies” and it sounded superb. A very political track, with the quieter section sounding very heartfelt.


Paul (drums) Mike (bass) DCF

New song “Ghost” was very impressive indeed. Both Mike and David were going for it, the two of them sharing grins and coming right to the front, prowling and headbanging.  As it was released as a single, there is an accessibility to it, yet still having plenty of heaviness and time changes.

Where It Lies” finished the all too brief evening with them. A moodier piece again with a Tool influence, but later has a section with a sensitive solo from “Save”, along with a lovely executed vocal following it before finishing with some heavy syncopation.

The sad thing was that, due to the venue having a strict curfew, the band had to shorten the set. This was frustrating, as they were so good. It was obvious how much the crowd had been drawn in by what they do. As to what they do, it is progressive, often with great grooves.  It has  hooks that pull you in (they did me and everyone there), before hitting you with something intricate and/or heavy!

They are incredibly tight live, with great energy levels. Their appreciation at how many folks had come out on a Tuesday night was obvious as well, as stated.

Hopefully, they will head back to Edinburgh again soon and play even longer. With a new album to come, there is every reason for another tour.

Set list:Leviathan“, “Her Epitaph“, “King And Bishop“, “House Of Plagues“, “Ghost“, “My Own Summer“, “Where It Lies“.

Official Website / Facebook


Before Deadly Circus Fire played, there were two support acts, one of which I knew in Ramage Inc and another that was new on me in Nassau, who admitted it was their first real support of a touring band. I didn’t know any of the songs, but there were moments which did pique my interest as well as ears.

The second song played had that Between The Buried And Me craziness, with the cartoon playfulness that pops up at points. Nerves did seem to effect them, as they messed up a little, with the singer commenting that it was “a bit fast”, but I am sure normally they nail it. It didn’t effect my view that they have talent and creativity.

Track three had a very good guitar solo and the opening of track four had a Judas Priest feel to it, with track five having some nice dual guitar work on it, also hinting at them. I saw enough to suggest that I should see them again at some point.



Ramage Inc – Oznor

Ramage Inc have been around for a while and create very well produced progressive metal and have played Bloodstock twice, first by winning through battle of the band rounds to play the festival New Blood Stage in 2016 and invited back in 2017 to play one of the main stages, which shows the quality of them.

It is always pleasing when a band plays a new song and it is as good or better than anything before and Ramage Inc did this on “Strive”, which had intense melodies with a fine vocal performance. “As The Wind Blows” has a very Devin Townsend feel with a catchy chorus. Last track “Don’t Bring Me Down” again has that nice mix of heavy and melodic with powerful vocals. A very enjoyable performance all round.  



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