DECIBEL GEEK iTunes Review (5 Stars)

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banner itunesI did something recently. It’s something that I used to take great pleasure in, but haven’t been able to lately. I listened to the Decibel Geek Podcast. What? You might ask. Don’t you “work” for them? Why yes I do, something that started through a combination of the urgings of Wally Norton and listening to the weekly episode of the Decibel Geek Podcast. I was always excited to see the new episode released and discover the subject theme. Hosts Aaron Camaro and Chris Czynzsak each week delivered a consistently entertaining, humor-filled, music packed episode.

Unfortunately, in recent months I have become ridiculously busy with work, ailing family members, concert going, and of course the love of my life the Decibel Geek website. Too busy in fact to listen to the weekly podcast. While I’ve fallen behind in the past, this latest absence proves to be the longest span to date. I miss my friends, hearing them entertain me each and every week. I must fill the emptiness void the absence has left in me. In preparation for my flight to LA and the Monsters of Rock Cruise West, I decided to “spot pick” a few episodes for listening on flights to and from.

Thoroughly enjoying my listening experience, I wanted to show my appreciation. Decibel Geek consistently receives stellar reviews from listeners on iTunes (one of the platforms that the podcast is available). These reviews help keep the podcast among the top rated on iTunes. Not being one who supports or uses anything Apple or “i” related, this is the best iTunes review I can give. For those that do use iTunes, you can leave your own review. Decibel Geek appreciates it!

***** (5 stars)! Cheers, boys.

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