DEE SNIDER – Alcatraz Festival Belgium (Photo Gallery)

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Dee Snider - Alcatraz Festival Belgium

DEE SNIDER – Alcatraz Festival Belgium (Photo Gallery)

In 2016 Twisted Sister played their final and last European concert at Alcatraz Festival Belgium. The announcement that Dee is returning two years later with his new solo album For the Love of Metal made a lot of people very happy. Belgium and Dee Snider, it always has been something special and it will clearly stay like that.

From the very first moment Dee got onstage, the crowd exploded and also Dee was having a lot of fun. His voice is still perfect and he’s rocking the place down, especially during the Twisted Sister songs the fans are going wild.

DEE SNIDER – For The Love Of Metal (Album Review)

BUY: For the Love of Metal



Lies are a Business

Tomorrow’s No Concern

You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n Roll

American Made

Under the Blade

Become the Storm

We’re Not Gonna Take It

I am the Hurricane

Burn in Hell

I Wanna Rock

For the Love of Metal

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