DEE SNIDER – For the Love of Metal (Album Review)


Dee Snider - For the Love of MetalI wasn’t sure just what to expect from Dee Snider, the Twisted Sister frontman with his new solo effort, For the Love of Metal. Let’s face it, I was slightly afraid. Afraid that it would be an awful record. But I’m happy to report that it’s just the opposite! Mr. Snider has come through with a bombastically heavy, fist-pumping release with For the Love of Metal.

According to the press release sent along with the album preview, Snider did not expect to make the record. He comments: “This is a really incredibly exciting album that I did not expect to make, especially at this point in my life. Jamey Jasta challenged me to make a contemporary rock record. … and I rose to the challenge!” For the Love of Metal is produced by Hatebreed vocalist Jamey Jasta and features contributions from Howard Jones (ex-Killswitch Engage), Mark Morton (Lamb Of God), Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy), Joel Grind and Nick Bellmore (Toxic Holocaust) and Charlie Bellmore (Kingdom Of Sorrow). The album comes to us via Napalm Records, releasing on July 27, 2018.

DEE SNIDER – For the Love of Metal (Album Review)

The compositions are quite short. Of the twelve tracks on For the Love of Metal, there is only one reaching more than four minutes of playtime. Thunderous thumping drums lead out “Lies Are a Business” ahead of the riffing guitars. Then Dee Snider‘s ferocious snarling vocals come ripping in. What a wicked puncher of a track. Great job, I hope the whole album follows this lead. You can check out the lyric video below for “Tomorrow’s No Concern”, a great window into the record.

I get a bit complacent during “I Am the Hurricane”, while it still rips, it’s a little slower in pace in parts. However, “American Made” simply crushes. Like a sucker-punch to the head, the pounding beat overlaid by some wicked guitar soloing leaves you reeling. Literally rolling over you, “Rolling Over You” crashes through next. Too bad it’s under three minutes in length. “I’m Ready” is another fist-pumper that should play well in concert.

Photo by: Stephanie Cabral

The second half of the twelve starts off with “Running Mazes”. The song continues the heavy assault delivered so far, another blistering cut. A little more melodic is “Mask” up next. Only a little more melodic, yet still a vehicle for Snider‘s venomous vocals.

The lone cut running above four minutes, “Become the Storm”, comes complete with its own official video, seen below. Love the pounding riff rhythm on this one. It doesn’t sound like Snider on the chorus of “The Hardest Way”, but without liner notes, I can’t say for sure. Still another headbanger from start to finish. Easy to figure out who’s assisting on “Dead Hearts (Love Thy Enemy)” though. Based on the press release info above it must be Alissa White-Gluz providing the female tones on this slower composition. The record wraps up with the title cut, perhaps lyrically a bit of a Snider bio. In any case, another brow beater to finish For the Love of Metal.

DEE SNIDER – For the Love of Metal (Final Thoughts)

Dee Snider has created a wickedly heavy album loaded with fast-paced modern anthems. The sort of album you need to rest from after listening. As he says above, at this stage of his career to release an album this heavy, this good is awesome! Fist pumpers straight from the off, Snider spits venom on every track! So, I have already pre-ordered my copy and you should too!

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TWISTED SISTER and The Meister

Twisted Sister was the first metal band I got into. Many think it was KISS for me, but nope Stay Hungry was my initial addiction. In fact, I even had the back cover of the Stay Hungry vinyl thumb tacked on my bedroom wall. Loved the shot of the band around the table with the bare bulb hanging. I saw Dee Snider perform in Rock and Roll Christmas Tale, his play in Toronto. Three times, and met him once there too. Canadian guitar God Sean Kelly also played a role in the play! Here’s a link to my review: Rock and Roll Christmas Tale.

Unfortunately, it took me nearly 30 to finally see Twisted Sister live. But thanks to Sweden Rock Festival in 2016 I finally did. I cried almost the entire set, tears of utter joy. Snider is an excellent frontman who can hold his audience captivated in the palm of his hand. Review: Twisted Sister – Sweden Rock 2016 Spotlight Review


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