DEGRAVE – Degrave (July 27, 2018)

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While trends come and go and certain styles seem ephemeral in their passing, thrash metal will never die. Missouri’s Degrave are ecstatic about serving meaty riffs injected with speed and psychedelia. Pushing themselves to break the levels set on début Full Tilt, this time around on their self-titled everything is faster, heavier and a whole lot more raucous.

So where do Degrave sit on the thrash spectrum? Well, Dylan Volmert does a good job at howling the lyrics in a form reminiscent of David DiSanto (Vektor), before he and Clyde Daniels take off into the stratosphere with speedy riffs and careering solos, as in “Ascension”. The songwriting is exceptional as the musicians switch style and tempo effortlessly. The solos are especially commendable for the bewildering speed and technicality, yet at no point does it feel like an exhibition platform. Meanwhile, Jordan Roedel and Jeff Kearney sound exceptionally comfortable no matter which gear they’re in; the bass intro that kicks off “Hatriot” would make Cliff proud. There’s plenty to take home, whether the low down and dirty crunch that permeates “All You Need”, the cosmic, psychedelic touch that filters through in tracks like “Tortured”, or the white-knuckle intensity in “Grander Grandeur” – each song has something to get your ears round.

Degrave bring a lot of fun to the table on their self-titled, without reaching into the ‘party thrash’ gimmick bag – this is a more considered approach, far-reaching in influence within the scene and sure to get more than a few battle jackets dusted off. Thrash fans can happily add this to their collection.

Degrave are:
Jordan Roedel – Bass, Vocals (backing)
Clyde Daniels – Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Dylan Volmert – Guitars, Vocals (lead)
Jeff Kearney – Drums (2017-present)

Degrave tracklisting:
1. “Telegraft”
2. “Ascension”
3. “All You Need”
4. “Tortured”
5. “New World Disorder”
6. “Inside Looking Out”
7. “Shades of Black”
8. “The Hollow Watcher”
9. “Grander Grandeur”
10. “Hatriot”




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