DEMON – Cemetery Junction (Album Review)

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Demon Cemetery JunctionDemon formed in the UK in 1979 and their 1981 debut, Night Of The Demon, is renowned for being a classic New Wave of British Heavy Metal album.

Whilst rarely mentioned in discussions about the top bands of the genre, they can definitely eat at the top table with the likes of Diamond Head and Tygers Of Pan Tang.

Since then, Demon have released albums at regular intervals, (apart from a 1992 – 2001 hiatus) culminating in their 13th studio disc, Cemetery Junction, out via Plastic Head Distribution.

You could hardly call Demon a stable band, having had a stupendous 27 members past and present but the constant throughout their existence is vocalist Dave Hill, who maintains the sound and spirit of the band to this day.

This spirit is none more apparent than in the opening track, “Are You Just Like Me (Spirit Of Man)”, which would fit snugly onto Night Of The Demon without feeling out of place. Hill’s vocals have a unique depth which is very recognizable and comfortably familiar.

Despite the NWoBHM feel at the beginning, the rest of the album has a more smoothed out melodic rock sound with a coating of prog.

Many songs, including “The Best Is Yet To Come” are keyboard driven, but not in a bad way. They add a nice melodic depth to the songs and Karl Waye does a fine job in that department.

demon_no_logo_4_darker_121126202043Quality guitar work is also in attendance, courtesy of David Cotterill and Paul Hume, both on lead and rhythm duties. There are 2 good solos on “Turn On The Magic”.

Cemetery Junction weighs in at 56 minutes and I feel that they could have jettisoned a couple of songs which I feel are ploddy and formulaic (“Drive” and “Out Of Control”) but overall there is plenty to keep your attention.

“Queen Of Hollywood” is an interesting song. It first appears to have not much going for it, coming over as slow and dull, but then it draws you in and becomes an atmospheric tale of said queen.

Hot on the heels of “Queen Of Hollywood” comes “Thin Disguise”, an emotional piece of self-analysis.

“Someone’s Watching You” is a fitting end to the album, encompassing all that is Demon. Atmosphere and emotion are present in boat-loads here, a number to get really lost in.

Cemetery Junction may not hit the heady heights of the early 80’s but is a good, solid melodic rock album, albeit with more melody than rock, but enjoyable nonetheless.




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