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DEMONS SING OF THE END – Take Life By The Throat And Scream (Album Review)


Demons Sing Of The End - Take Life By The Throat And Scream!When I hear the phrase “one-man band” I always think of Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins. Yeah, I’m weird. Well, it ain’t ole Dick here, that’s for sure. Welcome to Demons Sing Of The End, a one-man band from London, UK. Created and helmed by Rob Lewis who carries out all aspects of writing and recording. While the band’s moniker is quite the mouthful, the debut album’s title, Take Life By The Throat And Scream, is not any easier. The music contained inside, however, goes down perfectly. Get out the hookers and blow, it’s an 80s inspired party all the way.

DEMONS SING OF THE END – Take Life By The Throat And Scream

Things blast off quickly with “Cat Got Your Tongue”. There’s a ton of high energy party oozing from every note in this 80s inspired rocker. What an unexpectedly pleasant surprise. The riffs have an energetic bounce to them and a little of that “How You Doing?” feeling to launch Take Life By The Throat And Scream. Next up, “Crawl Back To Hell” carries on the torch and I keep thinking “Wow, this record is awesome!”

“Anthem For The Last Day Of Earth” starts a with a little lighter feeling, more pop-infused perhaps. Unfortunately, the bridge/chorus did not resonate with me very well at all. It’s a gang vocal style, but it’s a bit high pitched and sounds almost like children. Although chosen as the lead single/video, this is the least enjoyable track for me. You can view the video below along with others from the record.

A grinding “super crunch” bottom end riff runs through “We Came To Fight”. Keeping pace we fly through the awesomeness of “A Soul To Sell” and then into “City Of Nightmares”. Probably my favorite track here with its catchy thundering riffs and high energy pace. All throughout I can’t help but be struck by the riffs and keep thinking this guy’s riffs are the things dreams are made of. Well, just like tons of 80s albums, the obligatory ballad “(I’m Not Reday To) Say Goodbye” appears next, not a style of track that I have much patience for personally. Face-melting or nothing for this kid!

And that’s just what we get in the title track up next. Another great 80s styled rocker that just like the rest included here doesn’t sound dated but fresh and exciting. Check out the video for it below. The album closes with a “bonus track”, a cover of Survivor‘s “Burning Heart”.

Final Thoughts on DEMONS SING OF THE END – Take Life By The Throat And Scream!

Sonically the production is a little flat in some spots. But hey, I’m assuming the Mr. Lewis recorded this himself without the benefit of big studio equipment. This effort is really a lot of fun. His bio describes the album as celebrating the styles of Guns N’ Roses, Skid Row and KISS…and that it does fantastically!

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“Anthem For The Last Day Of Earth” video:


“Crawl Back To Hell” video:


“Take Life By The Throat And Scream” video:


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