DENMAN Poised to Save Rock n Roll – And You Can Help!

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When Gene Simmons said “Rock is dead”, he hadn’t yet heard Denman. While you may be convinced of Rock’s demise, it’s resurrection is well at hand. Denman is about to head into the studio with producer Michael Wagener for it’s first full-length album.

Earning their stripes in the burgeoning Nashville rock/metal scene, Denman has built a solid local reputation. The young group has already opened shows for Beasto Blanco, Mr. Big, and more. They have an upcoming gig on Monday 12/11/17 sharing a bill with Bobaflex, Dark Hound, and others. Tickets available HERE. The band also wowed a packed house earlier this year with their performance at the Nashville Rock n Pod Expo pre-party.


Making an album with a producer of Michael Wagener‘s stature is not a cheap project; not to mention the costs that go into promoting the project upon completion. This isn’t a group of middle-aged bedroom musicians recording into home recording software. This is a band that has the sound, hooks, look, and potential to seriously bring the type of rock music that we know and love into the mainstream. This band could actually “save” rock n roll.

To help Denman pay for this mission, the band has started a gofundme page. I urge all of the Decibel Geek listeners/readers to make a contribution (no matter how small). There’s enough of us out there to help make this project happen. Who’s with me?

Full information on Denman album project at

Denman Appearance on Decibel Geek Podcast


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