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Desert Dragon – Before the Storm (Album Review)


Desert Dragon Before the StormBefore the Storm is Desert Dragon’s third album, first with their new lead singer Joseph Michael. Prior to this release, the band issued two other albums, the full-length Desert Dragon and the EP Desolation) both with former lead singer “Ross”.

The album kicks off with an instrumental song called “Desert Dragon”. While listening to this song I kept expecting the lyrics to start, but they never do. The song can easily be something you would hear on a movie soundtrack. Starting with this track the listener can tell that they are in for an interesting listen. The next song “Save My World” starts off right where the last song left off. More of a slow song with some nice guitar work. “Desert Horizons” kicks off with more a traditional guitar based sound. This song really shows the range that the band can have with the new singer. This is the first song that I was looking for to stand up and grab my attention. “We The People” the fourth song again slows the pace a bit. The song tackles the political subject matter of living in the U.S. today. “Take It Easy Now” starts off with a good blues based riff and another song that really brought my attention up. This type of song was what I had been hoping to hear on this album. “Flying High” is more of an uplifting pop type song with a positive vibe. “Slow Groove” again starts off with nice guitar work combined with nice keyboard work. I like the first little bit of vocals, it shows that this band can really bring it. Though they slow it back down a bit. I think the grittier vocals really can work for this band. The eighth song “My Sunshine” is really more of the same slower song that has been all over this album. “Kicking Down” is my favorite song on the album. I hear a Kings X influence on this song. I like the bass groove at the beginning of the track, along with some very nice fret work. A nice driving song. The next song “Loving You” I really thought I was in for another slow down, but I was surprised to find a good rocker here. The album rounds out with “Call An Angel” a slower song that has a Stryper feel to it.

Overall I would say if you are a progressive rock fan this would be something you may want to check out. For me, there are too many of the slower songs on the album. I really would be interested in hearing these guys just rip out some heavier songs.

Craig Terdich

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