Diamond Lane (Rocklahoma 2016 Spotlight)


Diamond Lane logo 2Having been introduced to Diamond Lane thanks to a past episode of the Decibel Geek Podcast, they were a clear target for me at Rocklahoma. Podcast hosts Chris and Aaron spun “The Enemy” from the Terrorizer CD during the second edition of the Fresh Blood Podcasts (Fresh Blood Vol. 2-Episode #150) . That sent me on a search for the album, which resulted in a download purchase of Terrorizer. I have enjoyed the 2014 released album immensely, but not ventured forth into any further Diamond Lane discoveries. I guess I just took it that they were a new band since I’d not heard of them before and thought this was the only issue. I was wrong! As you can see through the Amazon link below, there are a few Diamond Lane recordings, which I will have to acquire.

Diamond Lane at Rocklahoma – Camp Jager

Diamond Lane ROK 2016-The MeisterOn the first night at the festival, also my first time there, I quickly got to drinking some frosty Canadian Moosehead beer (graciously supplied by Decibel Geek‘s Rockin’ Ron Runyon) and meeting folks, generally amazed by the spectacle of Rocklahoma. I had again erroneously, believed that North America did not possess a festival event on the scale of those found in Europe. I was wrong! We were imbibing while hanging out at someone’s campsite that backed onto a stage. This stage is dubbed Camp Jager and is not actually inside the festival grounds, but is placed on a couple of adjoining campsites. Before long the stage almost blended into the background as I met friends new and old. I later feel that I may have missed some great acts on here and will definitely pay better attention next year.

In any case, during a greeting and chat with some old and dear friends that I’d not seen in a fair length of time, I was toe-tapping to the band behind me on the stage. As the chorus of the song rolled around and I found myself singing the lyrics, it dawned on me that it was Diamond Lane‘s “The Enemy”! Immediate and total abandonment of my friends ensued as I rushed stage front. They weren’t scheduled to play tonight or this stage! Of course, I would come to learn that this stage hosted duplicate acts of the Retrospect Records Stage. A great set for my first time seeing Diamond Lane that included KISS covers “Love Gun” and “Deuce”. They also slayed through some unfamiliar tunes which may have been titled “Blood and Steel”, “Rising Water” and “Like a Motherfucker”.

Diamond Lane at Rocklahoma – Retrospect Stage

Diamond Lane ROK 2016-MeisterI think that the poor young lady operating the merchandise table/tent off to the side of Retrospect grew tired of The Meister. Not only did I enter (stumble) after almost every Retrospect Stage act, but I repeatedly asked for something. I wanted a hard CD copy of Diamond Lane‘s Terrorizer. It hadn’t been on display, but apparently would be coming over the weekend. Asking several times a day finally brought its reward.

On the final night of Rocklahoma 2016 at around midnight, Diamond Lane took to the Retrospect Records Stage. They had originally been slated for a circa 10pm appearance, but the earlier weather threat and subsequent evacuation of the grounds adjusted the timing of things. The set was similar, or I was just paying different attention. Perhaps I was either less/more influenced by the free VIP beer. This time, Diamond Lane served us “Slipping Away” off of their forthcoming album, dropping a KISS cover. Oh yes, I shall be purchasing that one! During “Like a Motherfucker” Diamond Lane had their volume turned down. Total horseshit I say! Because of the other stage, I gathered that they were louder than Steel Panther! Diamond Lane tried to squeeze in one final tune, but sadly their time was over. Another fantastic high energy set.

Diamond Lane in the Campground

diamond lane _-_october_2015Alcohol often brings about bad decisions. Know what I mean? In one such moment at God knows what time in the am hours, I found myself continuing the party. I ended up with some friends watching some questionable activities taking place in the campgrounds. Don’t ask. The Diamond Lane guys whizzed by in a golf cart driven by a friend. I was offered to meet the guys and rather wanted to, but my alcohol level was less than conducive to chatting with a band I respect….lol. Could have been a fun (funny) interview in retrospect.

Check out some of the live Diamond Lane videos from Rocklahoma 2016 below.

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