DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROME – Die for Rock n’ Roll (Album Review)

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Double Crush Syndrome Die For Rock n' RollThanks to Chris and Aaron for the introduction of Double Crush Syndrome on a recent Fresh Blood episode of Decibel Geek Podcast. I decided to check them out a little deeper. Hailing from Germany they have released their debut album and I have to tell you the 14 tracks rock from top to bottom. Hook-laden, punk hard rock vibes throughout and attitude front and center!

Apparently, they rose from the ashes of a few other bands around 2013 and since then have toured along with Sebastian Bach, Hardcore Superstar, W.A.S.P. and more throughout Europe. No surprise as there seems to be a healthy rock scene over there, paramount to North America in my opinion. This is music welcoming to the ears! The visuals of the band also perhaps stemming from what the actual term Double Crush Syndrome refers to, it is a tad ironic as the older generation (and others) may consider the loud sounds as painful as the condition. Not I, even though I do suffer from CTS!

The album begins with “Gimme Everything” a solid rocker. I love the bass playing from Slick front and center in the mix!

Title track “Die for Rock n’ Roll” keeps the tempo moving. The drumming style from Julian is raw and matches very well with the tunes and Andy’s vocals.

As we progress through the album it is fairly hard rock with mostly melodic vocals. The style of songs does not vary much which is OK, it is solid raw rock n’ roll. The lyrics are on the darker side; these are not party tunes lyrically!

Double Crush SyndromeHighlights are the drumming breaks, love those! The vocals are clean and from time to time I hear a bit of Rob Halford too, love it!

Major highlight is the song “On Top of Mt. Whateverest” what a crowd pleaser in my opinion.

“I Wanna Be Your Monkey” contains a sound akin to The Sweet, love it! A few other songs hint to that UK Glam sound from the 70’s as well.

Make your way to Canada and the U.S.A. I will be in the audience; I can imagine a terrific live show ensues!

Give this a listen!

Blair De Abreu

BUY: Die For Rock n’ Roll

Official Website / Facebook


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