DREAM TROLL- The Witch’s Curse (Album Review)

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Dream Troll are an English metal band, who are steeped in the traditions of the genre, specifically early 1980’s.   Deep in the Middle Earth, an army has been assembling to take war to the Metal legions.   Rather than run from the cliches, the band claim to be embracing them and they sound wholly genuine in their love of the genre.

The band consists of Paul Walsh on vocals, Matt Baldwinson on guitar, Paul Carter on guitar, Simon Blakelock on drums and Paul Thornton on bass.  They were forged from metal in the town of Leeds in 2015 and have released one album to date, the fantastically titled The Knight Of Rebellion, with its iconic He-Man parody cover.

DREAM TROLL – The Witch’s Curse

This three track EP is a really great surprise!  I was expecting a more generic sound, but Dream Troll have a rather unique sound that comfortably staddles more than one genre of Metal.  There are elemts of that galloping ground charge of Iron Maiden, but this is just one (X) factor.  There are elements of Prog and Power Metal, along with a simmering shot of Fall Out Boy in the amazing vocals of Paul Walsh.  There are also nods to bands such as Magnum and Blind Guardian.  It is very modern in its sound, but warm in its approach.

dream_troll_bandThe kick off track of “In The Name Of Isabella” sets out the Dream Troll manifesto with some great vocal melodies and razor sharp riffing.  The vocals have a unique resonance to them, with an obvious reference point is Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy before they went pop.  There are flecks of veteran Progsters Pallas too.  Really impressive!

Next up follows “The Battle For Enki’s Tower“, which rips with killer twin guitar harmonies and another great vocal performance.  This one sounds more akin to Maiden or Priest taking a trip with Emo legions.  It maybe hits less of the target, but the arrows of performance are fired strong and true.  The guitar work on this track slays!

The EP rounds out with the epic “Blood Moon“, which is seven-and-a-half minutes of metal perfection.  This leans on Power Metal and Walsh sounds a bit like a New Wave singer on this.  The drums are outstanding too.

Final Thoughts

Simple – love it!  Do I need to say anymore?

Sir Coxy of Caerleon

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