EDGE OF PARADISE – Alive (EP Review)


Edge of Paradise AliveOne thing I absolutely LOVE about doing album reviews is that I get to discover bands that I wouldn’t discover any other way.  Edge Of Paradise is an American Symphonic metal band that was formed by singer Margarita Monet and guitarist Dave Bates in 2011.

Alive by Edge Of Paradise (EP-3rd studio album, The ILS/Universal Group)

Produced by: Chuck Johnson, Mixed by: Mike Plotnikoff, Michael Wagener, Jay Ruston

The Good: If you haven’t heard Margarita Monet sing, then you are in for a MAJOR surprise.  She has incredible range and has the knack of having this breathy type vocal that adds a sultry compliment to the music.

The opening track “Alive” has this cool darker riff and right out of the gate Dave (guitar), Nick (Bass) and John (Drums) deliver a musical composition that will get your heart pumping.  This song is not Top 40 pop, baby!  This is METAL!!!

“Dust to Dust” is a cool track with a Zeppelin vibe with a middle eastern metal twist.  The chorus is written well and the backing vocals are unique and intriguing.

“Mystery” is a dark and beautiful power ballad.  It starts with a well-written piano melody (which is surprising after hearing the first two in-your-face metal songs) and the vocal delivery by Margarita is incredible.  Definitely my favorite song on the EP.

The 4th track “Shade of Crazy” is a catchy song with a perfect balance/use of keyboard along with the heaviness of the guitar/bass.

“Humanoid” closes out the EP with an oddly different melody that keeps you interested and wanting more.  Lots of what I call “ear candy”….basically different instruments, effects, overdubs that are produced and mixed well.

The Bad: I wish it wasn’t an EP!!!!  I want more music from this band!!!!  Luckily, they have 2 other albums I can check out (Mask and Immortal Waltz).

Overall: I have no idea how I missed this band coming onto the music scene.  Incredible vocals, awesome music, great look overall, intense album art and tons of swag you can buy on the website.  For a comparison, they are a cross between In This Moment and Kamelot. This band rocks!!!!!

Just one crazy opinion!  Thanks for reading.  Pooni out!

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Decibel Geek Interview with Margarita Monet (2016)

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