Electro_Nomicon (Rocklahoma 2016 Spotlight)


Electro_Nomicon ROK-The MeisterElectro_Nomicon what a phenomenon! First of all, I thoroughly enjoyed Friday’s lineup of bands on the Retrospect Records Stage at Rocklahoma 2016. And so, I decided to start off the Saturday in the same place. When I say start off, I mean inside the actual festival grounds. I’d already visited the Axis Stage which fires up around noon. Unfortunately, I missed the first band on Retrospect, but I beered-up and prepared for the 4:10pm performance. The schedule reported a band name of Electro_Nomicon. Therefore, I immediately thought this might be some kind of electronic music. Even though my mind knew that style didn’t fit at Rocklahoma. Consequently, what ensued was beyond captivating.

An announcer introduced the band as being from Buenos Aries as they readied themselves on the stage. Buenos Aries, Argentina! Holy crap the amount of worldwide bands at Rocklahoma surprised me. For some reason, I hadn’t expected this. In addition to witnessing Niterain from Norway, Freeway Mad from England and knowing that Ragdoll hailed from Australia these Argentinians were added to the mix. Electro_Nomicon launched into “Do You Remember” and I instantly became hooked, drawn in by the powerful vocals. I captured their second number,“Take Me”, on video (below) and marvelled at the singer’s vocal likeness to the late great Ronnie James Dio.Electro_Nomicon ROK Meister

As the set continued, including what we were told were new songs, Electro_Nomicon exuded an unmatchable stage energy. At one point we were given a quick, and very uplifting tidbit of Electro_Nomicon information. The vocalist quipped: “Three guys from Argentina and an American who knew each other on MySpace. But here we are, dreams do come true”.

As if reading my beer soaked mind, Electro_Nomicon closed out the set with a cover of “Heaven & Hell”. I swear it was Dio himself on stage! Not the only one with this revelation, I ran into a friend after Electro Nomicon had exited the stage. He had been in the VIP tent eating and heard “Heaven & Hell” from there. He had immediately rushed out to see if Ronnie James Dio had indeed come back to join us!

Electro_NomiconElectro_Nomicon Band Info

A little internet research during the spinning of their Unleashing the Shadows CD at an ear-bleedingly loud volume led me to more information. Electro_Nomicon formed in 2007. Currently, we find the band comprised of vocalist Diego Valdez, guitarist Mauro Tranzaciones, bassist Diego Rodriguez and drummer Owen Bryant (the American). Past members include guitarist Juan José Fornés and bassist David Jackson. Aside from a Demo recording and a 2011 EP I see reference to the 2009 issued full-length Chapter 1-In the Beginning. As a result, can you guess what I’m now on the lookout for?

Thanks, Rocklahoma and Retrospect Records for introducing me to Electro_Nomicon!

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