Episode 130 – 1994 Year in Review Part 2

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We’re back this week to discuss the second half of the year that was 1994. Tracks from Alice Cooper, Pearl Jam, Stone Roses, Annihilator, Peter Criss, Machine Head, Cinderella, Megadeth, and a ton more.

Geeks of the Week:
Facebook: Patrick  Johnson, Adam Smith, Matt Ashcraft, Todd Cunningham, Chris Karam, Rich Dillon, Wally Norton, Robert De Pasqua, Billy Hardaway, Music is my Religion, Kisstory Science Theatre, Jason Thomas Broadrick,
Twitter: Derik Novak, The Pod Mafia, Mojo Dave, Andrew Jacobs, Keith Doyle, Jason T. Broadrick
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Intro Song:
Sponge– Plowed – Rotting Pinata (8/2)
Facts & Figures:
Movie Ticket $4.08 Average cost of new car$12,350.00 Dozen Eggs 86 cents  
Born: Harry Styles (One Direction) & Justin Beiber
Died: Harry Nilsson, Dinah Shore, Dan Hartman, Selena, Kurt Cobain
Rolling Stones – Sparks Will Fly – Voodoo Lounge (7/11)


Gilby Clarke – Pawnshop Guitars – “Cure Me… or Kill Me” (7/26)
Alice Cooper – Bad Place Alone – The Last Temptation
August 12 – Woodstock ’94 begins in Saugerties, New York. It is the 25-year anniversary of Woodstock in 1969.
Peter Criss – Cat #1 – “Bad People Burn in Hell” (8/16)


Machine Head – Block – Burn My Eyes (8/9)
Break Return Song:
Korn– Clown – Korn
October 11 – Korn, a nu metal band from Bakersfield, California, launches its self-titled debut album Korn, peaking at number 72 on the Billboard 200 and launching the nu metal sound.
List of other metal albums
Sports Discussion
Jackyl– Push Comes to Shove – “Back Down in the Dirt”


Tuff– Fist First – “In Dogs We Trust”
October 12 – Jimmy Page and Robert Plant: No Quarter (Unledded) premieres on MTV. The “unplugged” concert special featuring the two former Led Zeppelin bandmates was filmed to accompany the release of the album of the same name.
“Surprised They Released Albums” Discussion
Nativity in Black: Tribute to Black Sabbath – Ugly Kid Joe – “N.I.B.” (10/4)
Queensryche– My Global Mind – Promised Land (10/18)


Melvins– Sweet Willy Rollbar – Stoner Witch (10/18)
Annihilator– King of the Kill – King of the Kill (10/10)
Break Return Song:
Testament– Low – Low
Movies Discussion


Airheads Soundtrack – Stuttering John – “I’ll Talk My Way Out of It”
November 7 – WXYC, the student radio station of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, provides the world’s first internet radio broadcast.
November 28 – The Milwaukee Cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer is beaten to death by a fellow inmate at the prison where he was incarcerated.
Megadeth– Reckoning Day – Youthanasia (11/1)


Cinderella– All Come Down – Still Climbing (11/8)
“Still Kicking in 94” Discussion
December 2 – Warner Music Group acquires a 49 percent share of Seattle record label Sub Pop in a deal believed to be worth over $30 million.
Stone Roses – Second Coming – “Love Spreads” (12/5)


Biggest Hit Singles:
Bruce Springsteen – Streets of Philadelphia, Adams, Stewart, & Sting – All for Love, Rednex – Cotton Eye Joe, All-4-One – I Swear, Mariah Carey – Without You
Big Rock Songs of 1994 discussion
Pearl Jam – Vitalogy – “Not For You” (12/5)

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