Episode 14 – Top 5 Early 90’s Albums

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From Makeup & Parties to Chainsaws & Paxil
We decided that we wanted to have a healthy dose of pissed-off listeners and we’re pretty sure that this episode is a prescription for just that. The early 1990’s for us old folks that remember it was a strange and magical time for rock music. Lots of transition was taking place in the pecking order of rock music’s hierarchy with the mass music-consuming public deciding to ditch the Aqua Net and makeup mirrors and adopt a lumberjack-chic style to go along with their newfound depression.  This swift change had a large impact on the music industry and created a wide pastiche of genres that began to branch out in all sorts of different directions. This era of change also produced some head-scratching tour packages such as Poison taking out a young Alice in Chains on the road as well as a package that included Alice in Chains with Megadeth and Slayer.
The “Alternative” Culture & What’s Old is New Again (huh huh huh)
In a quest to try and come up with a tougher Top 5 list than our previous episode that involved Top 5 Non-Makeup Era KISS Songs, we decided to try and pigeonhole 5 albums out of this crazy matrix of material that was being produced in this Gulf-War era of change.  Before we get into the list, we also discuss the recently-released PearlJam Twenty documentary as well as our take on the triumphant return of Beavis and Butthead to the small screen.
We Can’t Shut Up & the Pride of Bridgeport, Egypt
New rule for Top 5 shows. We’re not going to spoil you in this main entry with our picks. In fact, we’ll give you a link to go to a separate page to check out ALL of the albums we discuss in this episode. Our Top 5 choices are in here but so are LOTS of other albums because a. we’re loudmouths and b. we read off our also-ran list of choices that didn’t quite make the cut as well as some of the choices that our listeners suggested through various social media outlet thingys.
PS: We have a new update on Vinnie Vincent’s musical activity in this episode. It has a real outdoorsy feel.

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