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Episode 15 – Do It Live!

It’s the New Style for the New Year

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You’ll notice a change immediately during the theme song; an abrupt belch which is a sign of something new. We’re giving this whole live recording thing a shot and you’ll hear everything in this episode warts-n-all including Aaron and Chris stumbling over words, getting tongue tied, and sound effects going off without warning. It’s as unprofessional as it gets but at least it’s entertaining. Plus, Chris doesn’t have to play around with hours of editing so hopefully this will be a welcome change that will provide more content in the future.
We start out talking about what we got for KISSMAS including Aaron’s review of the Ace Frehley autobiography, ‘No Regrets’ and the cool new Rocksmith game.
We update Vinnie Vincent’s output for the holidays. Impressive!
Chris gives a shout out to Cassius Morris from the Creaturesof the Net podcast who recently did an impromptu interview with Eric Singer who called in during his live stream. Cassius is only 13 years old but is already on his way to becoming a big name in podcasting.  Congrats to Cassius!
Flashback Time
We share a cool radio commercial advertising the Sex Pistols tour of America in 1977 which leads to a discussion of the Sex Pistols impact in music as well as their reputation rubbing off on other punk bands like the Ramones. We also touch on a quick discussion of the G.G. Allin documentary Hated which documents all of the fecal-smearing, heroin-induced debauchery leading up to Allin’s death.
Ramones in Kindergarten
Chris shares his thoughts on a recent video that’s been sweeping youtube of a kindergarten class singing the Ramones’ classic ‘Judy is a Punk.’ It makes you feel all snuggly inside and gives hope to the world. There’s nothing that will renew your faith in mankind like a bunch of kids singing “perhaps they’ll die”….oh yeah!
Corabi Rocks for Tots & a Cinderella Story
Chris and Aaron reflect on their recent outing to see JohnCorabi’s Toys for Tots where they got to talk with Corabi as well as Jeff Labar from Cinderella; fresh off his hip-replacement surgery and filled us in on the possibility (or lack thereof) of new music from Cinderella. We recap the setlist and describe our trek over to a hipster bar invaded by metalheads with the strangest mix of songs from the jukebox you’ve ever heard.
Van Halen & the Little People
Chris & Aaron discuss the recent announcement of VanHalen’s new album and new single ‘Tattoo’ due next week. We’re totally excited to hear a song about the little guy from Fantasy Island (thanks to the guys from From Out of Nowhere for that joke). We also bemoan how much cooler this news would have been with Michael Anthony involved.
Shameless Self-Promotion 101 & The Days of Axl’s Life
The guys give their take on the recent induction of Guns N Roses to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with a discussion of Eddie Trunk’s recent grilling of the CEO of Hall of Fame as well as the big question of who is going to show up for the ceremony. Will it be the old guys or the new guys? Or, will Axl’s ego be big enough on its own to fill the whole stage. They wind up rambling quite a bit so we hope you dig listening to these guys yack on and on about Axl and co.
Chris & Aaron make the announcement of their expanding roles in the podcasting world as they will be contributing members of Podkisst, the leading KISS podcast as well as some contributions to the great MarsAttacks podcast for their Class Albums series.
That’s our first foray into the recording live thingy. We promise we’ll get better at it. In the meantime, feel free to laugh at all of the mistakes.
Smell ya later!

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