Episode 43 – The Kutting Room Floor


We’re pulling into the homestretch of KISSMAS in July and thought we’d end the month with a Geeky BANG!

Before we get down to it we want to proudly announce that you can stream the Decibel Geek podcast every Friday night through Maximum Threshold Radio! These guys are spinning rock and metal 24 hours a day and were nice enough to let us Geeks take over their airwaves every Friday night at 7:00pm EST. We appreciate this opportunity and hope you will check out all of the other great programming they provide as well.

This week’s Geek of the Week is Victor Ruiz of the Mars Attacks podcast. Victor had the winning suggestion for this week’s KISS-related show subject and we wanted to give a tip of the hat to him. Be sure to check out Mars Attacks for lots of great rock and metal discussion. To qualify for Geek of the Week, just join the facebook fan page at www.facebook.com/decibelgeek and leave us a comment. Simple as that!

With 20 studio albums, numerous solo albums, and other projects to boot, it’s logical to think that KISS must have a treasure trove of unreleased material. While we got some of that from the officially released box set, fans are still waiting for a bulk release of demos and unreleased nuggets (in good sound quality) from the band. There are, however, a lot of little-known gems floating around the bootleg collector market and that’s what we wanted to focus on today. Special thanks to KISSFAQ for providing such in-depth information that aided in our research for this episode.

In this episode you will hear demos, unreleased tracks, and alternate takes from the Hottest Band in the Land as well as cases where songs were turned inside out from demos to wind up as officially released songs years (sometimes decades) later. We also will take a look as some songs that KISS recorded but didn’t officially release and where those songs wound up.

We’ve got many eras of KISS covered in this show including unreleased material from Destroyer, the roots of Rock and Roll Over gems Calling Dr. Love and Ladies Room, as well as a Zeppelin-inspired instrumental that didn’t quite make the cut on Music from the Elder. You will also hear a 1985-penned Asylum demo that turned into a track on 2009’s Sonic Boom.

We also include a track that’s gone through a number of permutations (that’s a big word like ‘gymnasium’) and has been recorded by the Creatures of the Night era and Psycho Circus era lineups yet has (criminally) never been officially released on a KISS studio album.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. You will hear numerous strange demos that, understandably, never qualified for official released. It’s an interesting look at KISS’ songwriting process over the years and how their approach has changed/stayed the same. We hope you enjoy the scraps of what we found on The Kutting Room Floor.

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