Episode 79 – 1979 Year in Review Part 1

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We’re back this week to discuss the first half of a very transitional year in music history. 1979 was a true crossroads for rock music fans; with the genre splitting into multiple sub-genres and another genre that ruled the world becoming passe.

The “Year of the Child” kicked off with the Music for UNICEF concert featuring pop tarts such as ABBA, Donna Summer & the Bee Gees performing sets on January 9th. Any chance Chris & Aaron decided to spotlight any of those artists this week? If you said yes, welcome new listener.

We cover January with a track by alt-rocker Joe Jackson that would go on to become one of the more well-known tracks from thrashers Anthrax. Also included for the first month of the year are clips from the debut album by Accept & a track from UFO that will leave you with palpitations.

February saw the passing of Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious due to a heroin overdose the day after being released from prison. We listen to a clip of Sid of vocals for the Pistols from their Great Rock & Roll Swindle album. Also featured in February are tracks from Scorpions‘ Lovedrive album as well as a very Cheap Trick-like track from Angel’s Sinful album.

We return from the first break a news clip from the Three Mile Island nuclear power disaster that took place in March of 1979 set to the soundtrack of Van Halen‘s D.O.A. from their II album. Representing the third month of the year is a track from Motorhead’s Overkill album that is more no-frills greatness from Lemmy and co.

Spring of 1979 shows upbeat picks of song clips from Thin Lizzy‘s Black Rose album, Journey‘s Evolution, and New England‘s Paul Stanley-produced self-titled debut. Quite a month for melodic rock and roll.

We head into May with KISS‘ sharpest left-turn to date with the release of the much poppier Dynasty album. Featuring the disco hit ‘I Was Made for Lovin’ You,’ we spin a track from Gene Simmons that ponders the question on every narcissist’s mind. Also included from May of ’79 are overlooked tracks from Riot’s Narita album & Ted Nugent‘s State of Shock.

Since this is just part 1 of our 1979 Year in Review, we finish off the first half of the year in June with three very unique tracks. Paul McCartney will most likely be remembered for his gentle ballads and melodic numbers. But, the choice of track from his Back to the Egg album will give you a much edgier impression of Macca. Also included from June of 1979 is a track from the pre-KISS Bruce Kulick/Michael Bolton project known as Blackjack and a show closer that’s definitely not obscure but still rocks plenty enough to get us amped up for part 2 next week. We hope you dig the music and, if you do……..

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