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EVIL CINDERELLA – Dangerous Inside (EP Review)


Evil Cinderella Dangerous InsideHoly 80s Batman! Awesome stuff! My two initial reactions/thoughts when checking out the Dangerous Inside EP from Evil Cinderella. Once again, the band’s logo doesn’t lie! It, in fact, tells you exactly what’s inside. This is loaded with the catchy hooks, epic choruses and soaring guitar riffs you’d expect in the 80s. They must be Swedish since that’s the hotbed of melodic metal and 80s influenced bands right now. Nope, wrong again Meister! They are from Germany. Wuppertal to be more precise. The boys have been in operation for about seven years, but not releasing their first EP, Wanna Get Dirty, until 2014. Several high-profile live gigs garnered much positive acclaim for Evil Cinderella. Now in 2017, these young German guys have unleashed their second collection. I’m probably a little late to the party on this one, but better late than never and you need hear it I say! The effort became available in April courtesy of MAM Records.

EVIL CINDERELLA – Dangerous Inside

Things get moving quickly with the blast of “stand up and take notice” that is “Eagle Eye”. Riff-heavy and infectious, I’ve been hearing the chorus for days since spinning the EP. A galloping riff greets us at the outset as “Day By Day” pounds by, keeping the fist high. The EP’s title track, “Dangerous Inside” comes complete with official video and is a decent representation of what you’ll find although I personally give “Eagle Eye” the top nod. Being a guy who abhors the slower fare, I started to wane during the fourth track, but not for long. Beginning slowly ahead of a plodding riff before slowing down again, “Without A Chance to Fight” is not really a ballad. We finish on a very high note with a heavy grinding barn burner in “Pretend You Died”.

I’ll be needing this on vinyl!

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