EVIL-LŸN – Disciple Of Steel (Album Review)

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EVIL-LŸN - Disciple Of SteelEVIL-LŸNDisciple Of Steel. That have any other folks thinking of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe? C’mon, what 10-year-old boy didn’t watch that classic cartoon? But we are of course talking about a metal band and not cartoon here on Decibel Geek. I could not discern if the band is actually named with that character in mind, but it could possibly be her depicted in the intricate cover art. In any case, moving forward…

Coming together in 2007 in Tampere Finland we find a roster of Lasse Heinonen (vocals), Anssi Salonen (guitar), Lassi Tiainen (guitar), Jarkko Tasala (bass) and Timo Hanhijoki (drums) making up EVIL-LŸN. This debut album, titled Disciple Of Steel, comes behind The Night Of Delusions EP in 2012. The traditional metal band has graced stages at festivals like Greece’s Up The Hammers and other performances.

EVIL-LŸN – Disciple Of Steel (Album Review)

I was instantly attracted by the cover of this record when it popped up in my media downloads. And, yeah, let’s face it the name too! Disciple Of Steel is brought to the masses via No Remorse Records and became available on May 25, 2018.

In keeping with the tradition of old school metal albums, we have eight songs only included here. Why do bands feel the need to produce fourteen-track albums? Getting us going is “Survive The Night” after the included haunting sounds intro. Rampaging Heavy Metal at it’s finest here, driving my fist high as I sit at my desk. Oh, imagine how this would be live! The aptly named “Hellfire” should have you chanting along during the chorus. Great, tasty guitar work peppered throughout as well. “Last King Of Thunder” is a real gem of a track. It has something for everyone from chugging riffs, thumping beats and a sing-along chorus. How was this not the video single?

Evil-LynOk, so “Disciple Of Steel” is a decent video track as well. The video is even done to classic Conan The Barbarian film. Take a look below. Also there you’ll see a video for “Tengel” as well. Both are a good representation of what these Fins deliver with Disciple Of Steel. Of the last three tracks, “Iron On Iron” melodically twists the mold a little, but still an awesome song. The slower pace of “Shadow Soldier” leads us through to the wrap of the charging “Valley Of The Dead Witch”.

EVIL-LŸN have issued a hefty slab of metal here with Disciple Of Steel. They will be amazing to witness live with songs like these and I hope I can soon do that. The more I listen, the more I like, but will this crack into my top ten of the year?

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