Fantasy Kiss List

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“Do you want to play a game?” Kissmas in July is shaping up to be a fun filled Kiss extravaganza of epic proportions. There is so much going on in the world of Kiss right now but there is one thing that is not going on. One thing that continues to stay the same and it’s been the topic of all kinds of conversation and debate and that is the NEVER changing Kiss Setlist.

When Kiss did the Reunion tour they went on the road playing a setlist that contained songs that the original four members had been involved in. That made perfect sense at the time as it was a time to look back, remember and reflect. That, however was 16 years ago and there have many tours and countless shows since then.

Since then there has really been very little variety in the Kiss concert setlist. Yes they did open up the catalogue a little (very little), adding a few non-makeup hits here and there and but by and large there has been very little change. I understand that there are some songs that the “casual” fan expect to hear when they buy a ticket to see Kiss. That said I also understand that there is also a large number of fans that are loyal, attend every tour, spend more $$ on the band (that was to get Gene’s attention) and quite frankly are getting bored with the same 13 songs every time we go.

So let’s play a game Decibel Geeks!  It’s like fantasy football for the Kiss fan. Who knows? If we get enough people playing the game it might even get to the attention of the band themselves. That would be amazing. So here are the rules…below is the set list for the recent London Kiss show…

Detroit Rock City
Hell or Hallelujah
Shout it Out Loud
Makin Love
I Love it Loud
Shock Me
Calling Dr. Love
100 000 Years
Love Gun
Black Diamond

Crazy Nights
Lick it Up
Rock n Roll all Nite

Fourteen songs in total and don’t. get me wrong, I love these songs. I would just love to see the band mix it up some. This is your turn to be the ultimate armchair Kiss Geek quarterback. Create your own fantasy Kiss Setlist. It must include 14 Kiss songs. It must include the new single “Hell or Hallelujah” and it MUST NOT include any other song from the London show. They can be from any Kiss album or even the solo albums.

C’mon Kiss Army, let your voice be heard and tell the world what you want to hear!

Here’s my fantasy “Kiss Setlist”…

Creatures of the Night
Hot and Cold
Who Want’s to be Lonely
Room Service
Rock n Roll Hell
A Million to One
I Stole Your Love
Plaster Caster
Flaming Youth

Fits Like a Glove
Hell or Hallelujah
Let Me Go Rock n Roll

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