FLIDAIS – Kazador (Album Review)

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Flidais - Kazador - Decibel Geek

Flidais (pronounced “FLUH” “DYE” “ISS“), is a “Progressive Power Metal” band from London ON, Canada. Formed in 2011, they apparently “spent the first years keeping quiet and writing music” (from their official bio). Quiet is not what I would describe this EP release. Six songs of power, passion and thoughtfulness. They were new to me, but come as a pleasant surprise that has led to mild addiction with the songs now on heavy rotation in the Coxy household.

Traffic” starts the musical journey and this song is so good!  Cruising along with a riff taken from Tony Iommi‘s school of rock, the whole tune brims with energy and singer/bassist Calvin Warren excels with his vocals.  In parts, he is Geddy Lee, mixed with a dose of Don Dokken and a splash of Tim McIlrath from Rise Against.  Although the band describe themselves as Power Metal, I think they are more akin to a love child of Rush, Sabbath and Diamond Head – not a bad pedigree.

Pinnacle” shows some NWOBHM influences, with its Diamond Head like riffage.  This is possibly my least favorite of the release, but it is still a good technical rocker.  I do like the guitar solos by Josh Tredenick and the bass runs by Warren.

The next stop on this musical journey is “High Stakes“, which pushes the adrenaline to the red.  The call of “no retreat” makes the hairs on the back of the neck stand up.  I found myself playing a bit of air guitar to this when listening on my own…Nobody needs to see that – shame on you Fildais!

We then travel to a real high spot with “Hunter” and its great drumming by Ryley Swatman. This feels like an homage to Rush, with the time signature changes and a dose of 2112 vibe. For me, this is the greatest compliment I can give, as I am a HUGE (yes, weight wise too) fan of Rush. The guitar breakdowns, the runs, the fills, the solos, it all gels so well.

Resolve” has a fabulous vocal melody. It is a breathing hymn for modern life and is one of my favorite songs on the EP. How the band can be so on point with the full technical runs is beyond me. The guitar harmonies are also great and add to the song. Bit of Iron Maiden thrown in at the end, just for good measure.

At the end of the musical road is the breathtaking “Missing“, which again gives a happy nod to Rush circa A Farewell To Kings with its acoustic guitars (similar in style to “Cinderella Man” from that album). Simply sublime!

Canada gives the world another class band and a great debut!

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