Forced Entry – Forced Entry (April 29, 2016)

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Forced Entry Booklet frontDecibel Geek proudly presents the second-ever Decibel Geek sponsored CD release! Forced Entry are a German band hailing from Bonn, North Rhine-Westphalia that began in 1986 and released only one full-length album under that name. After a 1987 Demo recording, Forced Entry‘s self-titled album was released on vinyl in 1988. The band was made up of Roland Wedel (bass), Willi Schwäbig (drums), Rüdiger Blindert (guitar), Mike Gare (guitar) and Harry Amthor (vocals). A moniker change from 1988-1989 (The Pakk) soon gave way to another name switch to STS 8 Mission and three more full-length albums, The Mystery of Time in 1990, Slippin’ Into Fiction in 1992 and 1996’s Blind. The roster for The Mystery of Time featured some differences to the 1988 self-titled debut lineup and by the 1992 Slippin’ Into Fiction album, none of the Forced Entry guys remained in STS 8 Mission.

Forced Entry Booklet back pageNow through the cooperation of Battle Cry Records, Mighty Monster Records, and Decibel Geek, Forced Entry is coming to CD for the first time! This CD is released with full band participation and involvement and comes with a full colour 8-page booklet with lyrics to all the songs. The album should appeal to fans of classic 80’s heavy metal with all tracks being carefully remastered by Mighty Monster‘s Bone Machyne and is set for release on April 29, 2016.

BUY: Forced Entry – Forced Entry (Coming Soon)

Battlecry Records Website / Mighty Monster Records Website

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