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Fresh Blood: Another Lost Year


One of the thing I love about writing for the Decibel Geek is getting introduced to new music and getting to share these new bands with our readers. For a while through the 90’s and early 2000’s I had pretty much given up on new music. I had been so turned off with the coming of grunge and alternative that I closed down, enjoyed my CD’s and that was that. Fact is there was some good music being made that I was missing. There is always great new music from great bands being made if one is so inclined to look. So this is the first in a series of discovering new bands, Chris and AAron spin Fresh Blood on the show from time to time so here is the web page version. Writing about the veterans is always a blast but this is some FRESH BLOOD…

This week I have been spinning the album “Better Days” from a band called Another Lost Year out of North Carolina. Released in 2011, Better Days is an album that deserves to be heard. Strong rock songs dripping with melody and tasty guitar hooks. They flirt with metal, heavy riffing guitars and vocal growls, yet keep one foot firmly in radio friendly territory that really works.

The title track “Better Days” opens the album with some heavy guitars that groove into a moody rocker that could easily be a single. This band could sort of be described as combining “Megadeth with Matchbox 20”, a combination that on the surface looks weird but as the album moves along it seems to work and work well.

“War On The Inside”, the albums first single begs you not to bang your head. It’s almost impossible not too when the guitars kick in. Great melodic rock as solid as anything out there.From there the album balances grooving rockers, some moody mid- tempo numbers and couple of edgy ballads. The second single “Writing On The Wall” falls into the grooving rockers category and is another tune that had my head bouncing to the crunchy guitars.

If you like melody with your metal this is a great record filled with great songs. In a world of bubblegum pop where rap solos have replaced guitar solos, it’s refreshing to hear some real rock music played by real musicians. Looking forward to a new record and hopefully some Canadian dates.

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