FRONTIERS ROCK FESTIVAL IV Milan, Italy, Day 1 (Festival Report)

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FRONTIERS ROCK FESTIVAL IV Milan, Italy, Day 1 (Festival Report)For the 4th year in a row, Frontiers Records organized a musical marathon in Milan with quite some famous 80’s bands but they also offered new upcoming bands a chance on the bill. It’s clear that this festival is getting more popular among the European rock fans because we meet people from all over Europe.

Already on Friday afternoon, we got the privilege in our hotel to enjoy the sound check of Deen Castronovo “and friends”. Absolutely 3 excellent musicians, this was very promising for the evening…

VIP guests were indeed treated on a top evening with several acoustic performances. The mighty Miljenko Matijevic of Steelheart took everyone’s breath away, his voice is just, in one word, stunning.

Also, Revolution Saints blew everyone away with their first live performance, the basement hotel area was fully packed. The 3 masterminds behind this super group, Deen Castronovo, Doug Aldrich and Jack Blades were joined by Alessandro Del Vecchio on keyboards who is producing their upcoming new record. We were still waiting for the headliner of this evening, but there was an unexpected surprise act. Danny Vaughn took the stage for a couple of Tyketto songs together with Chris and Ged. Not many words needed, the crowd got what they hoped for. And then it was time for Mr. Jim Peterik. Mostly known for his Rocky theme song “Eye of the Tiger” this purple haired singer-songwriter really has a lot more to offer and the audience is clearly impressed by his performance. It will not be easy to beat the musical level of this pre-party so we are really excited for what tomorrow will bring.

Frontiers Rock Festival IV Day 1 – SATURDAY

Our home for this 2-days AOR melodic & hard rock event is the beautiful Live Music Club in Trezzo sull’Adda with a perfect set-up and acoustics. No wonder it’s on top of the list of Italy’s best live venues.


Palace Frontiers Rock Festival IVBeing the opening band of this kind of festival is never easy. Due to some technical issues, these Swedish youngsters are suffering from a little uncertainty which unfortunately affects their performance. They only have 35 min to get it right but by the end, we may say that they are good musicians with a solid 80’s hard rock sound combined with strong melodic lines. Very promising band.


  • Man Behind The Gun
  • Cool Runnin’
  • Path To Light
  • Matter In Hand
  • She Said It’s Over
  • Young/Wild/Free
  • Part Of Me
  • Master Of The Universe


One Desire

Now that the technical issues are more or less solved, the recently founded Finnish band One Desire attends the stage. They immediately start strong and heavy, but simple and with passion. No technical highlights but the picture is definitely right. The crowd’s reaction at this early time in the afternoon speaks for itself. “Apologize” is the absolute highlight of their set. It’s clear that touring with Eclipse boosted their confidence. Definitely a band to keep in mind in the future! Check out Decibel Geek‘s One Desire Album Review.

One Desire Frontiers Rock Festival IVSetlist:

  • Hurt
  • Turn Back Time
  • Apologize
  • Love Injection
  • This Is Where the Heartbreak Begins
  • Whenever I’m Dreaming
  • Buried Alive


Crazy Lixx

And we’re back up north in Sweden again. The line-up of the band has changed a bit since their debut but they fulfill all expectations. Playing songs of their latest album Ruff Justice combined with some older stuff, these guys rock the place and turn the venue into one big rock-n-roll party! Check out Decibel Geek‘s Ruff Justice Album Review.

Crazy Lixx Frontiers Rock Festival IVSetlist:

  • Wild Child
  • Blame It on Love
  • XIII
  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
  • Girls of the 80’s
  • Walk the Wire
  • Heroes Are Forever
  • Rock and a Hard Place
  • Hell Raising Women
  • 21 Til I Die


Meanwhile, we notice that the Frontiers crew is very well organized. Time schedules are followed strictly. Each band gets on stage perfectly on time! In between 2 bands there is just enough time to go outside to enjoy the Italian sun and socialize with other like-minded rock fans from all over Europe. We also see a lot of band members doing the same thing, it starts to feel a bit like we are on tour with our MORC family…


Eclipse is without any doubt a band who doesn’t need much introduction anymore, they are on their highway to the top, getting more popular all over the world. The venue is almost full and everyone is anxiously waiting for the appearance of Erik Martensson. Showtime! From the beginning until the end, the crowd enthusiastically sings along every song. Full of power, a big dynamic explosion. Erik has evolved from a timid person into a real on stage performer. Nice surprise for the audience when Michele Luppi of Whitesnake joins Erik for a duet (“Jaded”). Magnus Henriksson shows us his terrific guitar skills and together with Crusner on drums and Olsen on bass, this is simply a perfect match and we will hear their name a lot more in the upcoming years. Decibel Geek‘s Armageddonize Deluxe Edition Album Review


  • Eclipse Frontiers Rock Festival IVVertigo
  • Never Look Back
  • The Storm
  • Wake Me Up
  • Killing Me
  • Jaded
  • Hurt
  • Wide Open
  • Battlegrounds
  • Downfall of Eden
  • Black Rain
  • Stand On Your Feet
  • Runaways
  • I Don’t Wanna Say I’m Sorry


Revolution Saints

After the acoustic performance of last night, this was really something to look forward to. They have been announced in 2015 as the new “super band” and we can only acknowledge this. Words fail for this outstanding musical trio with Deen Castronovo on vocals/drums, Doug Aldrich on guitar and Jack Blades on bass. Who doesn’t know them from Journey, Whitesnake, and Damn Yankees… With Alessandro Del Vecchio on keyboards, these four put down a phenomenal set. Besides some of their own songs they, of course, pleased the audience with a few covers from their former bands. A standing ovation is at its place for this overwhelming performance. Best of the day for me so far and definitely top 3 of the whole weekend! Decibel Geek Revolution Saints Album Review


  • Revolution Saints Frontiers Rock Festival IVBack on My Trail
  • Turn Back Time
  • Here Forever
  • Locked Out of Paradise
  • Way to the Sun
  • Guitar Solo (Doug Aldrich)
  • Dream On
  • In the Name of the Father
  • Love Will Set You Free
  • Coming Of Age
  •  Higher Place



It’s a special evening for Tyketto as they will record their first live DVD & album. In memory of its 25th anniversary, we get to enjoy the entire album Don’t Come Easy. Played backwards so they can add a couple of extra songs including the title song of their latest new album Reach. Tyketto is a well-oiled machine and you see and feel a lot of experience on stage. Danny Vaughn still has his charismatic stage presence and with his forever warm voice he touches the audience over and over again. Every song is chanted loudly so we are looking forward to this live DVD (which will probably be for sale around Christmas).


  • Tyketto Frontiers Rock Festival IVSail Away
  • Strip Me Down
  • Nothing But Love
  • Walk on Fire
  • Lay Your Body Down
  • Standing Alone
  • Seasons
  • Burning Down Inside
  • Wings
  • Forever Young
  • Rescue Me
  • Dig in Deep
  • Reach



And now finally what we all have been waiting for… After the excellent acoustic performance last evening (and on MORC 2016 where we were present too) we expect this day to end with a climax. A musical highlight it is for sure. The business-looking Miljenko (honestly, no one is expecting such a voice and performance if you see this guy walking down the street) turns the complete venue almost into an intergalactic atmosphere. From easy listening slow songs to powerful hard rock, everything is brought with the utmost perfection by each one of them. The new album is planned for the end of this year under the Frontiers flag.

Steelheart Frontiers Rock Festival IVSetlist:

  • Blood Pollution
  • Livin’ the Life
  • Gimme Gimme
  • Like Never Before
  • Live to Die
  • My Dirty Girl
  • She’s Gone
  • Cabernet
  • Drum Solo
  • Everybody Loves Eileen
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll
  • I’ll Never Let You Go
  • We All Die Young


A perfect ending to day one, everyone clearly leaves the venue with a very satisfying feeling. Curious if tomorrow will bring as many musical highlights as today!

My photo galleries from Day One: Crazy Lixx-One Desire-Palace / Eclipse / More to Follow Soon

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