Gene Simmons Banned From FOX News


Famous men of all ilks (actors, musicians, politicians, Chris Berman) must be furiously Googling themselves in an effort to trigger any memories of the type of inappropriate treatment of women that is killing the careers (and possibly more) of some of their peers while praying that TMZ doesn’t corner them and ask for quote about Harvey Weinsntein.  Or Kevin Spacey.  Or Louis CK.  The KISS fan in me wondered if anything like this would ever come back on famous lothario Gene Simmons.  The answer, for now, is… sort of?

The Daily Beast is reporting that KISS frontman Gene Simmons was reportedly banned from FOX News after harassing employees and making crude statements during an promotional appearance at the network on Thursday.

Simmons had just completed an interview about his new book with Fox Business when he arrived for an entertainment feature on the 14th floor and began acting inappropriately, according to The Daily Beast.

“Hey chicks, sue me!” Simmons yelled while pulling open his red velvet shirt and exposing his chest and stomach, the site said.

Simmons also told jokes about pedophilia and touched a number of employees — even tapping some on the head with his book while insulting their intelligence.

The rocker was banned from all FOX properties permanently.

Well, he can still go on the TODAY show.  For now.


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