Ghost Season – Ghosts Like Her

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Those of you familiar with Decibel Geek are probably familiar with The Meister. The Meister often tosses out records for us writers to review. On the last occasion he asked, dare I say CHALLENGED me to review a band I had never heard of. Being a man of hubris and little defense… CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

Of the bands I had to choose from, I chose something called Ghost Season and their EP Ghosts Like Her.  Largely because I like the name.  Still I am ready to sink my teeth in. While I have largely reviewed records I liked so far this year, my reputation is based upon brutal honesty.  Even in my most read review, the artist shared the negative part of my review as proof it was a good record.  What chance does some band I never heard of stand of being spared my wrath?  Let’s find out.

Searching the web what do we find.  They are from Athens, GR.  They’ve only been around for a couple of years.  So if they are finding there way to the Meister’s desk they must be doing something right.  Lets listen.

For starters this rocks.   This is really good. The opener “Alive”, while an unimaginative title, is a great rock song.  A little blast beaty for me, but it’s a strong song.  I think the singer needs to double up less.  It doesn’t seem necessary as he’s got a great voice.  Good rock song.

The intro to “Ghosts Like Me” makes me want to grab my guitar.  Again the lead vocal is unnecessarily doubled.  In general theGhostSeas2 production isn’t going to remind anyone of Pink Floyd’s The Wall.  Doubling the vocals is a pretty common exercise to add more body to the vocal track.  But rarely is it so noticeable.  It seems to distract a bit from an awesome song.

“The Bleed” is next with a poorly panned rain storm.  After that is “Father Time” followed by “Need”.   Which, to be honest, follows the theme of the record to this point.  The first two songs kick your ass while the rest sounds like festival fodder for the early parts of the second stage.  If I was being mean I’d say this last song reminds me of Black Veil Brides.

But every band deserves the opportunity to grow.  Based on the first two songs I think we should anticipate something great from Ghost Season soon.  This just ain’t it.

BUY: Ghost Season-Ghosts Like Her

Ghost Season Website / Ghost Season Facebook / Ghost Season Twitter

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