Giving Thanks – Ep215

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Giving Thanks

Chris and Aaron return this week for Giving Thanks; an episode filled with good cheer, good songs, and some guest appearances by old friends. In this hour-plus special, the guys call some of their favorite past guests to thank them for being on the show and find out what they are up to now.

Giving Thanks Episode 215 Decibel Geek Podcast
Episode 215

Guests include Robert Fleischman, Chip Z’nuff, Hirsh Gardner, Jack Russell, Bill Hale, Mitch Lafon, Victor Ruiz and more! In between calls, the guys spin some of their favorite tracks that are “thank you” themed including songs from Dope, Big Star, Ozzy Osbourne, Sevendust, Kingdom Come, Great White, ZZ Top and more! It’s a gratifying listen. We hope you enjoy Giving Thanks and SHARE with a friend!

Guest Calls & Songs (In Order)

Dope – “Thanks for Nothing”

Volbeat – “Thanks”

Victor Ruiz (Mars Attacks, Earpeeler)

Ozzy Osbourne – “Thank God for the Bomb”

Hirsh Gardner (New England, Warrior)

Kingdom Come – “Thank You All”

Chris Epting (Author, Adrenalized)

Sevendust – “Thank You”

Jack Russell (Great White)

Great White – “Thank You”

Toddzilla (Funkhammer, Jones World)

Soundgarden – “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)”

Mitch Lafon (One on One with Mitch Lafon)

Big Star – “Thank You Friends”

Bill Hale (Photographer)

Monday Knights – “Thank You for the Metal”

Robert Fleischman (The Sky)

Zakk Wylde – “I Thank You Child”

Chip Z’nuff (Enuff Z’nuff)

ZZ Top – “I Thank You”

Geeks of the Week:

Dave Shirt, Rockin’ Ron Runyon, Chad Pollock, Mike Blount, Miguel Nunez, Greg McGlone, David Alpizar, Kevin Williams, Cobras & Fire Podcast, Michael Bartley, Dan Chaput, Ian Wadley (Rock & Metal Combat Podcast), Billy Hardaway, Antoni Espin Ufano, Wayne Cross, Colin Francis, David Glynn, Andrew Jacobs, Robin Bennett, Warren Money, Jay Fenhaus, Derik Novak, Jay Motown Drummer, Ernesto, Aguilar, Billy Hardcore, Hoops, Adam Cox, Mikael Burrell, PodcastsAreTheBest, Joe Ciambelli, Jody Havenot (Strange Ways Podcast), MusicMagsAndWax, The Mooger Fooger, James McIlheney, Nick Rose, TJ Cullen, Adam Cox, Jay Szczeblewski, Dave Stell

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Kingdom Come


Ozzy Osbourne


Big Star



Great White

ZZ Top

Monday Knights

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