GODSMACK – When Legends Rise (Album Review)



It’s been four years since the last Godsmack album release 1000hp hit the racks.  That was an album which I personally found to be a rushed and a poor effort, considering some of the great albums the band have released throughout their career. Fast forward to 2018 and, after the four year hiatus, comes their new album When Legends Rise, but the lingering question is, will they?

GODSMACK – When Legends Rise

The title track “When Legends Rise” launches into action with a crushing riff and Sully Erna‘s vocals grabbing you by the throat. The chorus (as usual) is anthemic and reminiscent of early Godsmack.

Bulletproof” has a hell of a riff and it’s start stop to another large chorus that will stick in your head for days.

Unforgettable” blasts off with a gang chorus and some of the best vocals I’ve heard from Sully Erna.  The wah wah riff is a tad annoying, but very different at the same time. The electronic sounds emanate from the speakers early on in “Every Part Of Me“, but soon a punching riff emerges along with a sonic chorus that sweeps the room.  However, “Take It To The Edge” is just Godsmack by numbers.

The piano driven entrance of “Under Your Scars” signals the first power ballad. This is a bit sickly and is making me feel nauseous, which is unusual as I like a good power ballad.


Someday” is the first track that has made me prick my ears up. I like the riff and the vocals from the off and the staccato riff punches holes in the track, which prepares for the huge chorus that follows.

Loadera Metallica follows with “Just One Time” and it’s only when the chorus comes in that it differs slightly.

Say My Name” is a straight ahead rock track which features the first bit of real soloing I’ve heard so far.

Unfortunately, “Let It Out” is once again Godsmack by numbers.

Finally, we get to the end with “Eye Of The Storm“, which features a crazy shaken riff and another one of those big choruses.

Final Thoughts

After all is said and done, this is a good solid rock album. It’s surely not breaking any new barriers, but it is what you want if you’re a Godsmack fan. It’s full of huge choruses that will be all over American rock radio and will see the band decimating festival stages across Europe throughout the summer. There are some crunching riffs on here and the production is good, sounding thick and heavy.

Decibel Geek Rating 8/10

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