H.E.A.T Festival Club, ROCKFABRIK, Faces Closure (News)


In December 2018, I attended my first H.E.A.T Festival in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Canadaian bands Gypsy Rose and Coney Hatch both performed on the bill of this well-established melodic rock festival. A large group of us are already planned to return in December 2019 for the next installment of the event. But shortly after that festival, it seems that the Rockfabrik Club may close it’s doors. The club is more than a pice of rock and roll history. Below is some information and a link to sign a petition to keep this historic rock club alive and well. I have included both the English version from the petition site as well as the German version (translated via Google Translate as the German version has more details).




ROCKFABRIK Ludwigsburg is Threatened with closure (English Text)

The ROCKFABRIK LUDWIGSBURG is in danger. At present the tenancy agreement of the 36-year running rock, hard rock and heavy metal club and discotheque was not granted renewal by the landlord of the industrial facility in Ludwigsburg, South Germany. We need your help, your voices and your power. Each one of you.

You might know the ROCKFABRIK LUDWIGSBURG because you’ve seen your favorite band sweating up on stage, maybe you had some drinks at our bar or you might have been banging your head, shaking your rump on our dancefloor in Ludwigsburg. That’s our business for 36 years now. We’re home to all sorts of rock music lovers and their favorite bands and it all started on the 30th of November 1983.

See, that club is so old, Metallica Guitarist Kirk Hammett is wearing a ROCKFABRIK LUDWIGSBURG T-Shirt on the Backcover of „Master Of Puppets“. And the ROCKFABRIK LUDWIGSBURG is so old, for our third birthday, we had Motörhead playing in that club of ours. ROCKFABRIK LUDWIGSBURG is the place where your favorite bands are ordering drinks right next to you.

Over the last 36 years we had the honor to provide a home for a couple of generations of rock’n’roll-fans and -bands. We don’t think we’re done with that. We don’t think you’re done with it.

We need you. We need your voices.




ROCKFABRIK LUDWIGSBURG is threatened with its existence (Translated from German).

Stand is now that the lease of ROCKFABRIK LUDWIGSBURG was not renewed despite our efforts and so far on the part of the real estate owner no willingness was signaled. We need your help, your voice and your pressure.

The ROCKFABRIK LUDWIGSBURG is roughly a rock disco. For 36 years – November 30, 1983. Rock fans from all over Germany visit us, because there is no such thing in Germany: A disco, in which pop, rock, hard rock and heavy metal runs, a live club where bands play and a place to Over the years, a scene has developed over which we have a roof over our heads.

We organize graduation parties, we organize annual children’s carnival, Halloween parties for adults, freshman parties for the college of education, semester celebrations. The ROCKFABRIK LUDWIGSBURG is firmly anchored in the cultural life of the Stuttgart region and Ludwigsburg.

And we actually enjoy the luxury of not having to decide whether we want to be a nightclub, concert venue, cultural center or youth center – we are all equally proud of it. And all this, as in the past 36 years, without urban subsidies or cultural subsidies.

In 1986, for the third birthday of ROCKFABRIK LUDWIGSBURG, the band Motörhead played with us, Kirk Hammett, guitarist of the world stars Metallica wearing on the cover of the “Master of Puppets” plate a ROCKFABRIK T-shirt, well-known acts like Doro Pesch, Manowar Sabaton , Volbeat, Nightwish, and Unheilig come to us and like to visit us as guests when they are traveling in the area, and the Scorpions salute the ROCKFABRIK LUDWIGSBURG from the stage at concerts in the region. They are all part of this not-exclusive family – because our doors are open to all.

The ROCKFABRIK LUDWIGSBURG is an integral part of the local rock culture and history. And we do not think that this is already finished. Please support us.

We need you!
Thank you for your support, Rock factory Ludwigsburg from Ludwigsburg




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