Hair of the Dog Discussion – Ep188


In 1997, no frills rock was about as unpopular as you can imagine….unless you lived in the midwestern United States. The plains states have long been a hotbed of rock and roll fandom. States such as Kansas, Missouri, and Wisconsin thrived on cranked up Les Pauls through Marshall Stacks and in 1997 one of the midwest’s favorite bands was Hair of the Dog. Featuring Ryan Cook, John Sepetys, Mike Dupke, and Brian Saputo, HOTD was a staple across mid-America and drew well while touring with the likes of Cinderella, Skid Row, and Motorhead among others.

Hair of the Dog released 3 albums; 1997’s self-titled, 2000’s ‘Rise‘, and 2001’s ‘Ignite‘ before calling it a day with the members moving on to other endeavours.


This week Aaron Camaro sits down with Ryan Cook & John Sepetys of Hair of the Dog to discuss the history of the band. In this hour-plus discussion Ryan and John shares stories of the Los Angeles music scene including The Rainbow, experiences with famed rock photog Neil Zlowzower, their rise in the midwestern United States, and what led to the band’s demise.

Be sure to check out Ryan in his great band The Big Rock Show featuring the talents of Ryan, guitarist Jeremy Asbrock, bassist Deano Workman, drummer Matt Green, and keyboardist Paul Taylor HERE

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