HAREM SCAREM – United (Album Review)

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Harem Scarem United

Harem Scarem are a Canadian hard rock band from Toronto Ontario. Harem Scarem achieved popularity in Japan and their native Canada the early 1990s. The band was active from 1987 to 2008 and again from 2013 after reforming. Throughout their career, they released 14 studio albums, plus numerous live and compilation albums.

I am sure you’re wondering where the name Harem Scarem came from. It’s really not that big a mystery – everyone always assumes that there is a big story behind the naming of a band (especially when the name is as unique as Harem Scarem!) However, the real story is simply that Harem Scarem is the name of the first Bugs Bunny cartoon. At the time the guys needed a name for the band, they were fans of Bugs Bunny and thought it would make a good name for the band!

So onto the review of this band’s fourteenth album. I have heard of this band, keeping one eye on their career as they are a really good hard rock band and I am looking forward to this review. So we open the album with “United”. It starts with some awesome guitar work and then in come these fantastic vocals and I am hooked already! Great sounding hard rock, a great opener. “Here Today Gone Tomorrow” is less frantic and much more AOR sounding but equally as good with a seriously catchy chorus.

“Gravity” is a great song and so radio friendly you could easily see it being a hit song. “Sinking Ship” features a fantastic guitar riff and the musicianship is really tight on every track so far.

“One Of Life’s Mysteries” is the first ballad on the album, but does it go all soft? No far from it! A really solid song that will have you swinging in the choruses. “No Regrets” gets us on our feet again and rockin’, fists pumping.

“Bite The Bullet” continues the great feeling rock music. It’s hard to fault one track so far. “Things I Know” is a lovely sounding track and the vocals and choruses are so big they just make you smile. How can you not like it?

“The Sky Is Falling” has a different sound to it, kind of quirky but it fits the album so well somehow. “Heaven And Earth” carries on and by now you’re surely not surprised how they do these catchy choruses so easily. It’s simply brilliant! The album finishes with “Indestructible”, another Rocktastic song just as awesome as every other track on this album.

All I can say if you like melodies and hard rock this is for you. A truly fantastic album, you cannot go wrong! Now, when are they hitting the U.K.?

Mark 10 out of 10

Colin “Starchild” Francis

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