Heavy Star – Electric Overdrive (Album Review)


HEAVY STAR CD coverElectric Overdrive is the debut album from the Italian hard rock band Heavy Star. I have read the eighties hard rock sound is alive and well overseas and after listening to this album I can really see why some people think like that way. Heavy Star sounds like a heavier version of all those great eighties bands.

The album kicks off with “Love N Affection”.  Right off the bat the song grabs your attention. It may not be breaking any new ground, but wow the wicked guitars and gritty vocals bring you straight back to a time when music was fun. The next song is “Blessed”, which starts off with some great guitar work. This song could easily have come from the early 1980’s. After two songs I feel like I was listening to a new band when I was in high school. The title track “Electric Overdrive” is up next and doesn’t slow down one bit at all. I hear so many bands that I loved in this song it’s hard to put a finger on who exactly it sounds like. One thing for sure is it’s another song with great hooks that just makes you want to sing along. Song number four is “Higher than the Sun”, a little more serious in tone but keeps up the pace set earlier in the album. I can’t say enough about the guitars on this song, HEAVY STAR photo sessionagain the guitar player’s fingers are smoking hot through the solo. Song five, “Desperation Alley” starts off with a slower paced riff and about half way through slows down a bit, but it still manages to keep your interest. “Love Gun” up next is the bands take on the KISS classic and probably my least favorite song on this album. Song seven titled “Wicked Seed (Fallen)” sounds a little different from the others. It’s less gritty and more towards the pop-rock side but still has a killer solo, though. Song eight “Serena” rounds the album out. It’s a ballad that I’m sure will get the phones to light up the dark.  Overall this album keeps you rocking with outstanding guitar work and gritty vocals. I’m happy to hear the eighties rock alive and well. Heavy Star has a bright future ahead of them. If you are a fan of the eighties style hard rock Heavy Star is a band you should check out. You won’t be disappointed.

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