HITMAN – The Offering: Side 1 (Album Review)

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Back in 2011 when they formed, I assume that Hitman were pleased that the other Hittman band chose to double the t’s when they formed in the early 1990’s.

Whilst both bands play heavy music, that is where the similarity stops. Our Hitman here play stoner metal or, as they say themselves, whiskey stoner metal. A heady mix indeed.

The Offering: Side 1, is the follow up to 2 previously released EPs, namely Whiskey Downfall from 2013, and 2014’s The Preacher. The Offering: Side 1 is also in EP form and I must say that after a 4-year wait they could really have mustered up enough tracks for a full-length album, although there may be a perfectly good reason for that.

Hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Hitman are made up of Jordan “Sheriff” Rose on vocals,

Sylvain Coderre on drums, Coutts on bass, and Corey Norman on guitars, and all credit to them for self-releasing The Offering: Side 1.

This EP is made up of four tracks and it kicks off with the brief but effective “Curtain Call”. A catchy riff opens proceedings with Rose coming in with lower end gruff vocals, though not without melody. A brief entertaining solo brings the end of the track.

Next up is “Under the Weight” which is a, er, weightier affair and slightly slower than its predecessor. It’s also a fair bit heavier and more threatening. The track has all the hallmarks of stoner and has a groove easily slipped into.

“Nero” is a far more melodic tune but still within those stoner parameters and Rose sings with utter conviction. The riffs are also excellently done by Norman, as is the solo work.

Concluding this all-too-brief outing is “Enchanting Wizard/Hail the Outro”. A cool riff opens the track and then we’re off and running with a mix of intense vocals, top riffing and great solo work. The vocals did remind me of Slipknot’s Corey Taylor on the classic “Before I Forgot”. “Hail the Outro” is referenced by the last 45 seconds sounding like a classic bummy ending. Not unpleasant.

Overall, an enjoyable but all too brief album of stoner, almost doomer, rock. I look forward to Side 2….



[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fny0zpg16I[/embedyt]

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