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Album Review: Huntress-Static


 is the third full-length release for California heavy metal band Huntress. The band consists of drummer Tyler Meahl, bassist Spencer Jacob, rhythm guitarist Eli Santana, lead guitarist Blake Meahl, and of course vocalist and frontwoman Jill Janus.  If you have heard of Huntress, then chances are you have heard of Jill Janus. Not only does she have a four octave vocal range and front the band with an incredible amount of charisma, but the way she delivers the lyrics to her songs with such ferocity and passion sets her and Huntress apart. My first takeaway from listening to Static was how much melody there was to the album with such hard hitting guitar riffs.

Huntress-StaticThe album opens with the blistering “Sorrow”, which just punches you directly in the mouth with pace and intensity. “Flesh”, which was first released with a lyric video, keeps the pace and has a fantastic guitar intro.  After a one-two punch like that you begin to wonder, did they front load the beginning of the album with the best songs, the answer is NO. The record is solid song for song, except maybe for the sludgy “Mania” which slows the pace down a bit. Other standout tracks include “Brian”, “I Want to Wanna Wake Up”, “Four Blood Moons”, “Static”, and “Fire In My Heart”. Also, to get the full effect of the lyrics go to There you will not only find all the lyrics but also a brief explanation of the song’s creation and meaning by Jill herself.

Huntress-Band-PhotoOverall, if every song was worth one point, I would give this album 8.5 out of 10. The meaning of the title Static deals with the hum of the new age electrical life slowing taking over our lives to the point of insanity. The funny thing is, by definition static is something lacking movement, development, or vitality which is the complete opposite of this release. On Static Huntress not only show development from album to album but if you love heavy music mixed with melody this is a must buy! Use the link provided to get your copy Friday, September 25th, 2015.

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