HYDROGYN – Redemption (Album Review)

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Hydrogyn - Redemption - Decibel GeekI’m not sure how to best classify Hydrogyn. Let’s be honest here, all of those technical classifications can get a bit cumbersome and difficult to distinguish. At least for me that’s how it goes. I just listen to the album and if I like it, I like it. Simple. I just finished my first run through of Hydrogyn‘s upcoming offering, Redemption. And I like it. It possesses elements of power metal and hard rock all fronted by sultry female vocals. Hydrogyn‘s Redemption is due to hit shelves (or computer screens) March 10, 2017, from High Vol Music.

Hydrogyn initially came together in West Virginia in 2004, created by guitarists Jeff Westlake and Jeff Boggs. They issued a slew of albums, Best Served With Volume in 2004, Bombshell in 2006, Strip ‘Em Blind Live (2007) Deadly Passions (2008), Judgement (2010), Private Sessions (2012), and the EP Break the Chains (2014). Throughout these releases, Hydrogyn experienced some lineup changes but none more crushing than the departure of vocalist Julie in 2015, halfway through recording an album. The band had been keeping a grueling touring schedule and the creative fire was fading. They recruited new vocalist Erica Parrott and re-entered the studio re-charged in 2016 to work on Redemption. Alongside team Jeff (Westlake and Boggs) and new recruit Parrott we find drummer John Cardilino and bassist Chris Sammons.

HYDROGYN – Redemption

Hydrogyn - Redemption - Decibel GeekThe ten tracks of Redemption start off with “Fixir”. Our first introduction to Parrott‘s sultry tones goes down quite well in this thunderous groover. “Tail Spin” is a great hard rock ripper featuring some powerhouse vocals and musical hooks. The bombasticness of the fourth track, “Devil God Devil” as it explodes from the sound system is captivating. Probably it’s this track that won me over and really sold me. A couple positions later we are treated to the infectiousness of “Down In Flames”. “Hey Ho” has a great low-end guttural groove. In fact, the only song that I didn’t really take to is placed in the closing position. As a stated slow song/ballad hater, I found “Jenny” to be quite skippable, but that’s mainly my prejudice to that style.

Final Word

It’s different, it’s hard rock, it’s grunge, it’s modern, it’s bombastic. It’s thunderingly bass/rhythm section driven. Filled with tasty guitar solos coupled guttural and sultry female vocals. There’s melody and groove. Overall, I like it. Check out the sample below and make your own call.

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