Interview with Chris Wyse from OWL


Chris WyseInterview with Chris Wyse bassist/vocals with OWL

 It is so very refreshing; and fun, to speak to a widely regarded and long-standing artist such as Chris Wyse that continues to burn with fire and passion about their craft, yet it feels as if you are chatting at the hotel bar.

If you haven’t checked out what Chris has been up to since his days with The Cult I suggest you do. I cannot describe the sound of his band OWL other than to recommend you listen to the tracks more than once and let it sink in. You will likely rock out the first couple spins then the layers separate. It isn’t rocket science and that is no slag, it is well-crafted music with many styles blended in and takes digestion, that is a compliment.


Chris took some time from a wildly hectic schedule to be very gracious with his time on a phone interview with me. It is a fun conversation, some neat tidbits about the many artists/bands he has worked with over the years and a very cool upcoming covers album with Ace Frehley.

Check out the upcoming release from OWL, Things You Can’t Seeavailable July 28.

OWL-Things You Cant See

Blair De Abreu

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