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I am a fan of The Darkness, no ifs, ands or buts about it, right from the start. I was fortunate enough to be in England on business when they were just hitting in their homeland, sadly I did not get to catch a show of theirs while there. That would have to wait some 10 years later and after 2 shows in Toronto at The Phoenix in 2012 and 2014, or somewhere around then and there, I am more than feeling fanatical, so pardon any arse kissing. Looking forward to catching another show when they are once again at The Phoenix in Toronto October 23, 2015.

The Darkness- Last Of Our Kind coverTheir latest release, Last of our Kind, is hands down one of the best releases of 2015, if not the best. You should listen to it if you like rock n’ roll. You can read my review here: Last of our Kind Album Review

Frankie Poullain was kind enough to spend some time answering some questions. Take a read:

DGB: Last Of Our Kind kicks ass, well done! Is the band happy with the response from fans?

Frankie: The fans speak from the heart. They are emotional and their emotions come in outbursts which surprise even me. They are surprised and we are surprised. Therefore, we are happy.

DGB: Are you guys excited to be hitting venues again in US/Canada?

Frankie: Of course, always. Why pretend not to be excited? Those venues aren’t gonna know what’s hit them… until they realise they’re covered in posters advertising our show.

DGB: Speaking of US/Canadian audiences, what are they like compared to the rest of the world?

Frankie: Bigger. Bigger hearts, bigger voices, bigger appetites – and by appetites I mean appetites for everything, but in particular, the three f’s: fun, frolics, and fornication. Europeans tend to stand on ceremony whereas Americans are more likely to ‘go for it’. Yes, even Canadians …

Frankie PoullainDGB: The Darkness seem to have a ton of fun onstage, and off. The band’s videos from Spain were fun to watch! It doesn’t seem you take anything too serious – how do you keep loose about it all after 10 years amidst all the changes in music biz?

Frankie: We have a natural chemistry. It takes on a family dynamic, if you can imagine a surreal English version of The Waltons. We are gentle with each other but also firm – always, and I mean always, with the ‘stiff upper lips’.

DGB: From what I have seen online, Rufus sure seems excited to be in The Darkness, how has that been?

Frankie: He’s just what we need. We’re three guys suffering from midlife crisis, what could be better than a beautiful young blonde?

DGB: A few years back, The Darkness had Foxy Shazam opening tour dates, which is a band Justin produced. Were you guys surprised/aware they announced the end of that band? Have you heard the new song from former Foxy Shazam singer Eric Nally“Downtown” with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis? Thoughts?

Frankie: I was so happy when I saw that ‘Downtown‘ video, Eric really nails it. I love the fact that he is pure Eric Nally, he hasn’t watered himself down at all, in fact I’d go as far as to say he’s watered himself up. And you can quote me on that. I’m really pleased for him. He deserves it for having the courage to keep expressing himself. I hope the others go on to achieve good things too, they are all interesting and agreeable people.

DGB: I look forward to seeing the show at The Phoenix in Toronto Oct. 23rd. It is a great venue and both shows The Darkness have played there before have been high energy, great sounding and fun, which is obvious what the fans want based on the response I have seen.

The Darkness-interview pic1Frankie: As we say in England: ‘Give ’em some of what they want and some of what they don’t know they want.’ They might not know they want to see us in outrageous new outfits, but by jove they’re going to get it! They may not care for a re-interpretation of an old classic, but by heck they should jolly well mind their own business and lap it up! We really can’t wait, spirits have never been higher and this is the best we’ve ever sounded.

DGB: What’s next for The Darkness?

Frankie: First, headline shows in Mexico, South America and behind the Iron Curtain. Then we’re gonna do our White Album.

Thanks, Frankie & The Darkness!

– Blair De Abreu

BUY: The Darkness-Last of our Kind

The Darkness Website / The Darkness Facebook /  The Darkness Twitter


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