Interview: Radio Exile (Charlie Calv & Chandler Mogel)

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Keyboardist Charlie Calv and vocalist Chandler Mogel from new hotshot rock band Radio Exile gave the skinny to Decibel Geek about their future plans, influences, being visual and the need to laugh lots!

radio exileDecibel Geek: Congratulations on the debut Radio Exile album, which I think is fantastic.  How would you position your band in terms of genres, as it is a diverse record?

Charlie Calv:  Just hard rock, I think we touch many different elements, a little soul, a little gospel, maybe a tiny hint of country, but all based in hard rock. The intent was to get guys from different musical backgrounds and generations and all get in a room together and see what happens. When we were writing and putting this together we did not want to put any limitation on what we could do, and wanted to make a record that would have a little bit of something for everybody and I think we accomplished that. If we thought the song was good it made the record, period.

DBG: The songs on the Radio Exile record have some great lyrics.  Which lyricists do you rate and why?  Have any of them inspired you on this record?

UntitledChandler Mogel: The lyrics cover a wide base of subject matter from coming off of addiction or anything else bad (“No Pity on the Highway”), choosing to take and stay on the high road (“High Road, High Price”), letting go of your past (“A Cross On Stone”), and, well, facing the fear of starting over (“Starting Over” :). I’ve always written about things that are very real to me, as in real life, real situations – I find those things can best translate to the listener as well – as we all go through stuff.  David Coverdale and Ronnie James Dio are two (lyric writers) I have always favored.

DBG: What are your plans for 2016 and are there any special events you would like to call out?

CC: We plan on releasing another video, possibly a third and then we would at least like to do some shows, unfortunately due to everyone’s touring schedules it makes it hard for us to do any proper touring so maybe some select dates. Chandler and I will start going through some ideas we have for the next record in December/January, but there is no solid schedule on anything at the moment.


DBG: What are your goals for Radio Exile in the longer term?  Where would you like to be in five years time?

CC: Hopefully on record number 3 by 5 years. Like I mentioned, we plan on taking the month of December and probably January to sort through some ideas that we already have for the next one and depending on what sort of live shows we can book for 2016 I would like to think we could probably get back in the studio next year at some time to start working on the next one.

DBG: In terms of touring, which two other bands would be on your wish list to tour with?

CM: Deep Purple and Tower of Power.

CC: I would agree with Deep Purple.deep_purple_band

DBG: Are there any bands who are no longer around that you would have liked to have toured or recorded with?

CC: Well my all time favorite is Led Zeppelin, so to tour or work with any of those guys would be amazing.

DBG: Would you like to be on a festival bill and which one would be ideal for your band?

CC: I think any of the hard rock festivals we would fit into really well, would love to do Download, Rocklahoma

DBG: What other interests do you have outside of music?  Do they shape your musical creativity?

CC: I am a very visual person so I am always on the hunt for ideas for photos, album covers, video ideas, so for me that goes hand in hand with creating music….kind of have a vision and then guitarist_radio_exiletrying to paint the picture  Other than that, I enjoy spending time with my wife and 3 boys; they are sometimes more entertaining than anything else.

DBG: Do you have any amusing anecdotes about your experiences in the music business, that you could share with our website readers?

CC: Too many….it’s the only business where you can work your ass off and be truly good at what you do and it just does not matter…it’s all about luck and timing.  Like my old friend and former Shotgun Symphony bandmate Ed would say, at least we had a lot of laughs….and that, we all have!

I thanked Charlie and Chandler and expect them to be headlining festivals very soon.  A great new rock band, with soul and a whole lot more!

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Buy: Radio Exile LP

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