Interview: Samuel Nyman of Manimal

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manimal_ootsDecibel Geek scribe Adam Cox talks to Swedish Power Metallers Manimal (guitarist Samuel Nyman) and gets interesting answers to questions about Trapped In The Shadows, plans for 2016, influences and being kind!

I started out by asking Samuel about Trapped In The Shadows and stating that is a great sounding album.  It displays a great deal of pain, so I was eager to know what the band’s main inspirations were for this record.

Thank you!  Like many other songwriters, we find inspiration for our music in things we see and hear in our everyday lives.  I’d say the lyrics of this album follow the same dark path as on our debut album.  I often tend to return to death as an inspiration and topic for many of my lyrics. Death’s always present in our lives. If not in our closest surrounding, then at distance through the media.  Another recurring topic is mental illness, in different forms.  Both death and mental illness are interesting, but yet frightening, subjects to dig in to and write about.  It’s also something we all can relate to, in some way.”

manimal_band_videoFollowing up this question, I asked whether there a theme running through the release and whether  there was a specific statement the band was trying to make.

No specific statement, I would say. The album is more of a reflection on our present. Each song of Trapped In The Shadows tells its own unique story, so I guess you could say the album sends out many different messages, but without making any specific statements.”

Moving on from the album, I wanted to know what Manimal‘s main influences were.

We listen to a lot of different bands from different genres, so it is really difficult to point out the main influences.  But some, more of less obvious(?), sources of inspiration would be Queensryche, Judas Priest, Dio, Accept and Dream Theater.”

As the new album had just been released, I wondered what the band’s plans were for 2016.

Manimal kicks of the year with a special evening together with the Norwegian progressive metal band Circus Maximus at the Kungsbacka Theatre on 23rd January.  This will be the first hard rock concert ever at this specific venue and we spare no expenses – attendants can count on a unique night! Later on this spring we are heading out on a European tour together with Orden Ogan and Mystic Prophecy – it will be a blast!”

I was curious as to their plans for the longer term and whether they had any specific objectives/goals they would like to achieve.

The overall plan is to build up a strong following by playing live gigs. It would be really cool if we got to play anywhere overseas!

As we were talking touring, I asked Samuel about other bands that would be ideal touring partners?

We really believe in the upcoming tour package with Orden Ogan and Mystic Prophecy. It is a great combo!manimal band

Continuing this line, I wondered whether there was a place in the world the band would like to tour, but haven’t yet.

So far we have only had gigs in Europe so anywhere outside of here would be interesting! But of course, to tour in the USA or Japan, would be like a childhood dream come true.

Finally, I was interested in whether the band had a specific philosophy on life and whether this is expressed through their music…The response was quite touching and really positive!

Be kind, have an open mind and remember to enjoy life!

Thank you, Samuel!

It was interesting to interview Samuel, who comes across as a deep thinker with a great philosophy on life and I hope I can conduct a more in-depth discussion with the band in the future.  For anyone who likes their Power Metal on the dark side, check out Manimal‘s Trapped In The Shadows and look out for the band touring – it will be one bill I would very much like to see…

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