IRON SAVIOR – Kill Or Get Killed (March 8, 2019)

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Iron Savior - Kill Or Get Killed

“Born in the twilight to conquer them all, to take what it needs to survive, kill or get killed, domination or fall, the only way to survive: to kill them all.”
In 2019 finally, the time has come to turn over a new leaf, the Hanseatic Metal-Institution will unleash the martial titled album Kill Or Get Killed with ten brand new killer songs on an unsuspected world. The fact that the artwork and the lyrics seem unusually grim in contrast to the earlier concept albums is no coincidence.

“We just were up for something new, and I was inspired by the book The Star of Pandora a sci-fi novel about the destruction of humanity by an alien civilization,” explains Piet (Sielck, guitar and vocals.)

Apart from that, Iron Savior stick to their guns. From the first tune of the eponymous opener, “Kill Or Get Killed” they are bringing the message home that they will take no prisoners like the dreadful creature of the front cover. With epic anthems like “Eternal Quest” or “Never Stop Believing”, the stomper “From Dust And Ruble” and a high-octane-stunner “Heroes Ascending” coupled with point-to-point guitar solos, perfect hooks, catchy choirs and  the extraordinary signature voice of frontman Piet, this album has all the makings for another power metal classic in the band’s history.
Responding to the questions, how he would describe Kill Or Get Killed he answers sententiously: “We got a kick out of doing the recordings and took care a lot.” There is nothing more to add.

Kill or Get Killed, is slated for release by AFM Records on March 8th, 2019, and is the tenth album in their band history.

Tracklist:Iron Savior
1. “Kill Or Get Killed”
2. “Roaring Thunder”
3. “Eternal Quest” (Check out the audio below)
4. “From Dust And Ruble”
5. “Sinner Or Saint”
6. “Stand Up And Fight”
7. “Heroes Ascending”
8. “Never Stop Believing”
9. “Until We Meet Again”
10. “Legends Of Glory”
11. “Sin City” (Bonus)





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