Iron Savior – Titancraft (Album Review)

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Iron Savior TitancraftEven the most music savvy among us cannot possibly have heard all the great new music that is released every day. Therefore, it is understandable if you are not familiar with German power metal quartet, Iron Savior, but that should change with the release of their ninth studio album, Titancraft. Formed in 1996, Iron Savior had the vision to create traditional power metal (with a dash of NWOBHM) using science fiction concept-linked lyrics. Although the band has undergone many line-up changes throughout the years, lead singer/guitarist/co-founder Piet Sielck continues to keep this band on course.  It should be noted at this point, that Piet Sielck, an experienced producer/engineer, also mixed and mastered this album and it is a sonic masterpiece. Every instrument is clear and present in the mix while blending seamlessly together to create true ear candy. Trust me when I say that most of your music library will pale in comparison.

The brief album intro, “Under Siege”, builds a tension as you hear a distress call requesting assistance from the Titancraft. This immediately leads into the screaming guitars and urgent rhythm of “Titancraft”. This call to arms is but a taste of what is to come. The first single, “Way of the Blade”, has a NWOBHM feel with the brilliant guitar work and Piet‘s husky vocals. This earworm will be stuck in your head and you will catch yourself singing the chorus in those quiet moments where your mind is left to wander. “Seize The Day” follows with uplifting lyrics over compelling drums and guitar licks. Evoking the aura of the Old West, “Gunsmoke”  gallops along just as the hIron Saviororses at the beginning of the song do before ending with a whistled spaghetti Western tune and gunshots. With guitars blazing, “Beyond The Horizon”  gives us a peek into the psyche of a soldier on the eve of battle. The mythological rise and fall of a creature who sold its soul for power is described in “The Sun Won’t Rise In Hell”. The cadence of “Strike Down The Tyranny” will compel you to bang your head as you listen to a stunning dual guitar performance. The more light-hearted (but no less heavy) “Brother In Arms” celebrates victory and camaraderie. I wish all power ballads were as beautifully done as “I Surrender”The robust melody coupled with the emotion evident in Piet Sielck‘s raspy voice cause you to take the tune to heart on a personal level. The anthemic “Rebellious” will have you have you chanting “Born to be rebellious!” as you pump your fist in the air.

From the first note through the last guitar riff, this album does not let up or disappoint. The sound is richer, fuller, heavier than even their previous albums. Relentless and powerful, Titancraft is a must for any metal fan. Unfortunately, Iron Savior does not currently have any North American tour dates. On the bright side, however, if you love this album as much as I do, you can enjoy digging into their large back catalog. With so many great songs to choose from on this album, it is nearly impossible to choose a favorite. Do not miss this one! Seriously, stop reading and go buy Titancraft!

~~ Metal Mama

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