JOHN FRUM – A Stirring In The Noos (May 12, 2017)

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Cult death metal collective John Frum are set to release their debut album via Relapse Records. Entitled A Stirring In The Noos it will be available from May 12.

Here’s how the album is explained……

The patron saints of altered states known as John Frum welcome in the golden age of musical enlightenment with A Stirring In The Noos. Nearly 6 years in the making, John Frum’s unorthodox debut maneuvers through 40 minutes of darkly psychedelic and meticulously crafted death metal, acting as a medium for malefic musings, the backdrop of a bad trip. The mysterious John Frum is the manifestation of four musical minds coalescing in a collective consciousness developed from time spent playing with The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Faceless, John Zorn, Cleric and many more elite projects. A Stirring In The Noos is a dismal distillation of oneiric transmission and a totem to modern primitivism in heavy music.
“The band John Frum borrows its alias from the Cargo Cults of the South Pacific. Similar to American soldiers receiving air-dropped supplies during WWII, these Cargo Cults believed certain behaviors and rituals would bring riches and “cargo” down from the heavens. Some believed the elaborate flag rituals of the troops working the airfields would bring the arrival of more planes when, in fact, the soldiers were just helping the pilots land. Essentially, we are all Cargo Cults misunderstanding cause and effect, creating narratives and outcomes to support our clung to beliefs about our strange traditions, all in a futile attempt to make some sense of things that simply don’t. Amongst other things, our music is a reaction to “Cargo Cult Science” in modern times. A Stirring in the Noos is our humble greeting, the first transmissions from the mind of John Frum.” – John Frum
A Stirring In The Noos track listing:
  1. “Presage of Emptiness”
  2. “Pining Light”
  3. “Memory Palace”
  4. “Through Sand and Spirit”
  5. “Lacustrine Divination”
  6. “He Come”
  7. “Assumption of Form”
  8. “Wasting Subtle Body”

John Frum is:

Matt Hollenberg (John Zorn, Cleric) – guitar
Eli Litwin (Bvrden/Intensus/Deveykus) – drums
Derek Rydquist (The Faceless) – vocals
Liam Wilson (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Starkweather) – bass




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