KANSAS – C.N.E. Bandshell (Photo Gallery)

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KansasI recently had the pleasure of shooting Kansas in Toronto at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE). It was 41 years and 1 day after I saw them in the summer of 1977 during the same Exhibition. This time it was at the jam-packed CNE Bandshell as opposed to the old Exhibition Stadium when April Wine opened up for them. One year later I saw them at the massive Canada Jam Festival at Mosport Speedway outside Oshawa Ontario with the likes of Doobie Brothers, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Ozark Mountain Daredevils and headliners Triumph. Kansas was in the prime of their career with not only having the original core band but also in the midst of their two most famous albums – Leftoverture and Point of Know Return. That was the last time I saw them until this night.

KANSAS at C.N.E. Bandshell 2018

This time around most of the band had moved on except for founding members’ guitarist Rich Williams and drummer Phil Ehart. Alongside them were bass man Billy Greer with 33 years seniority and long timer violinist/guitarist David Ragsdale. Rounding out the band were the newer guys, vocalist Ronnie Platt, keyboardist David Manion, and guitarist Zak Rizvi.

With a lot of the concerts, I attend these days, these 70’s and 80’s bands have in some cases 20 or more albums spanning years and years of songs. To get a setlist that will appeal to me is understandably hit or miss. However, that setlist can make or break my perception of the experience. Kansas’s setlist was near perfect. Song after song I smiled and sang out loud. If I had to add any others it would’ve been “Portrait (He Knew)” and “Cheyenne Anthem”. I was, however; particularly happy to hear later hits like “Fight Fire With Fire”, “Play the Game” and “Hold On” which were not out when I had seen them last.

I was glad I had a chance to shoot them and then sit back and enjoy the full show as well! Check out my gallery below.

1 On the Other Side
2 Point of Know Return
3 Can I Tell You
4 What’s on My Mind
5 The Wall
6 All I Wanted
7 Hold On
8 Dust in the Wind
9 Opus Insert
10 Paradox
11 Play the Game
12 Summer
13 Fight Fire With Fire
14 Miracles Out of Nowhere

15 Carry On Wayward Son


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