Keepin’ it positive for KISSmas – Bruce Kulick

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Hey there, and a very Happy KISSmas in July! Just in case you’ve wandered in here by mistake, KISS is a huge band, commanding a huge and devoted following. Most fans have favourite eras and line-ups and enjoy them regardless but for some arguing about who & what is best seems to take up most of their time. Personally, I just like the music, and the performance, in and of itself, no matter what era or line-up.
It’s all Rawk N Roll to me.
So, channelling the great Matt Porter from The Kiss Room, I’m keeping it positive and showing my unashamed appreciation of the members who made KISS what it was, and is, and will always be.


Bruce Kulick was the guitarist extraordinaire and all round great guy for KISS from 1984-1996. Prior to joining KISS his biggest gig was playing with Meat Loaf, and since leaving KISS he has produced three solo albums, played with Eric Singer in ESP, as well as being a member of Grand Funk Railroad for the last 14 years. Bruce is an awesome guitar player in the traditional sense; a guy who will light up the fretboard with pyrotechnic shredding before throwing in a blues wail straight out of the Hendrix songbook. His touch and tone is king and his self-deprecating approach to the massive contribution he made to KISS throughout the eighties and early nineties, by being the guy who could easily straddle the Rock ‘n’ Roll KISS, the metal KISS, and still drive the band forward with new music as well just makes you want to love him more.

My favourite Bruce Kulick moment (and boy, there could have been a hundred) is from the Revenge album produced by Bob Ezrin. Gene takes the main vocal on this track but it’s really just a playground for Bruce with some killer funk riffs, a wicked multi-effect solo, and lots of nooks and crannies for Kulick to stuff in guitar fills over the extended outro. This really is a beast and frankly anyone who has the temerity and ability to quote The Star-Spangled Banner in a guitar solo post-Hendrix deserves your respect.

Bruce is the man.

(Photo credit – Mick Hutson, Getty Images)

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