KILL FOR EDEN – Petty Crimes (Album Review)

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Kill For Eden Petty CrimesIn April 2017, London-based rock band Kill For Eden released Petty Crimes. This is the band’s second full-length studio release, with two EP’s also under its belt (2011’s Kerosene and 2013’s Living on Mars).

This band is a virtual melting pot with players hailing from all over the globe—including vocalist Lyla D’Souza from Australia, guitarist Dave Garfield Brown and bassist Julian Palmer both from Britain, and drummer Wally Miroshnikov from Siberia—which might explain the band’s wide range of eclectic sounds and influences.

Petty Crimes is a rock record that wears its various influences on its album sleeve. The album is textured throughout each song with sounds that cover Alt Rock, Hard Rock, Adult Contemporary, and even splashes of 80’s College AOR. Somehow throughout, the album still has a cohesive sound and feel that brings it together as a complete body of work. Perhaps because all the individuals in this band are seasoned musicians who have paid their dues writing music for other artists, playing numerous gigs, doing session work, and playing in other bands that were the support acts for touring artists ranging from Joe Cocker to Rammstein (now that is a wide range!).

The first release from Petty Crimes was “Love You So,” which was a radio-ready pop rock tune layered with lush background vocals and a catchy pre-chorus and chorus. The second single release “Woke Up Alone” is sure to be the “relationship gone bad, but I am better for it in the end song” that anyone who has had their heart broken can relate too and scream out “Screw your new lover, Screw you forever!!” in angst and feel better for it.

I refuse to say who this band “sounds like” because honestly, while I can see flashes of many of the influences as I pointed out, but to say Kill For Eden sounds like another band may be an injustice to them. Are they completely original? Nope, but then again, everything comes from somewhere, so don’t let that sway you.

Ok, I know, you’re reading an album review and just want to know who this band sounds like, so you can rush out and download it if I mention they sound like another band you like. I get it. How about this? If you like songs that at times are hard rocking, and songs that convey emotion and are delivered by a powerhouse female singer, yes Lyla really is a great singer with killer range and tone. She has a way of delivering her emotions, bringing them clearly through my headphones as I’m listening to songs like “Burn Out” and the amazing duet she does with Doogie White on “Halley’s Comet”.

Kill For EdenKill For Eden also does a cool version of UK band Republica’s 2008 hit “Ready To Go” which rocked with the heavy slowed-down groove intro.

I wouldn’t necessarily categorize this as a hard rock or metal album, but I like it, and it is well crafted with many different sounds. Yes this album still rocks, it just takes time out occasionally to let you breathe and think about what is being communicated in the song lyrics. Kill For Eden is a great band with an even better lead singer worth at least a listening session. I liked this band after a few listens, but I also think this is a band whose music will even get better with multiple listens, due to all the different sounds being transmitted through the speakers. As always, no matter your taste, go support live and recorded RnR music.

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