KILLER BEE – Tapes from the Attic (Album Review)

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Killer Bee - Tapes from the AtticKiller Bee‘s new EP Tapes from the Attic is presumably just that. Five songs cultivated from some old cassette recordings found in Anders Ronnblom‘s attic. And all five are purely 80s sounding (although the band only began recording in the 90s). Hooks, catches and choruses abound, they were recorded during the band’s first go around. Forming in 1990 and recording Raw in 1993, Cracked Up in 1995 and World Order Revolution in 1997, Killer Bee faded away after that. Fifteen years later, Ronnblom and Frank would rejoin and put out Almost There, a compilation of songs from their earlier work that they felt best represented the band. Discovering thanks to this that Killer Bee was still relevant in today’s climate, Anders LA Ronnblom and Brian Bee Frank reformed the band in 2012.

Since that reformation Killer Bee have issued the albums From Hell and Back (2012), Evolutionary Children (2013) and Eye in the Sky (2016). As well as two compilation albums in Rock Another Day (2015) and Killing You Softly (2016). They’ve hit the road playing gigs including a stop in Toronto documented by Brian Ronald, see below for his gallery. I even had the pleasure to speak with Ronnblom back in 2013 concerning the Evolutionary Children release. The band is currently working on new material, but in the meantime we have Tapes from the Attic available August 20, 2018.

KILLER BEE – Tapes from the Attic (EP Review)

Killer Bee has dusted off these old recording and hauled them down from the attic. We begin with “Checking Up On You”. What a nostalgically welcome blast from the past. This has all the flavor of late 80s Sunset Strip. Even though this Swedish-Canadian hybrid didn’t originate on the strip. Vocalist Brian Bee Frank really sounds amazing on this. This one’s sure to be a feature on my own podcast (CGCM Podcast) in the future. Loaded with catchy hooks, a toe-tappable beat and sing along chorus one can only wonder how this didn’t make an album!

“Street of Dreams” begins softly and builds throughout. Not a fan of slower fare for my personal tastes particularly, but the punch of the chorus is just enough to keep me tuned in. A radio friendly mid-tempo rocker that would have all the high schoolers slow dancing back in my wallflower days.

“Doin’ Alright” pumps up the pace with a thumping beat, tasty guitar work and again the shimmering vocals courtesy of Brian Bee Frank. A typical Killer Bee ballad composition in “She Lady Luck” follows. Just because it’s not my poison doesnt mean that I don’t appreciate the talent involved. These melodic powerish style of ballads are one thing that Killer Bee are excellent at.

“Walk the Line” is a high energy rocker with a bluesy 50s-ish swagger to it. The upbeat toe-tapper/fist-pumper is the perfect ending to five tracks uncovered in an attic…..hopefully we’ll see more such discoveries in the time to come?

KILLER BEE – Tapes from the Attic (Parting Words)

Thanks to former Helix guitarist Brent “The Dr.” Doerner and his Red D Films, that I found Killer Bee. An awesome band that keeps turning out high-quality feel-good rock and roll for almost 30 years. Looking forward to the new full-length coming soon. Buzz, buzz…I got stung!

BUY: Tapes from the Attic


Decibel Geek has reviewed several KILLER BEE albums in the past. You’ll find those links below.  Our website editor/staff writer Rich “The Meister” Dillon even had a chance to chat with founder Anders LA Ronnblom. Also included is Brian Ronald‘s photo gallery of Killer Bee in Toronto in 2015.

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