KISS: Ranking Every Song Part Three (Feature)


Continuing on, if you missed part one or part two, please go back and check them out.  Here is 100-51.


100        “Killer” – Another song where Gene’s unique delivery and strong melody helps you get past the lyrics.

99           “Thief In The Night” – Legend has it Paul was unaware that this song was on a Wendy O Williams record that Gene produced.  And none to happy when he did find out.  Who knows.  It’s better than “I’ll Fight Hell To Hold You”.

98           “While The City Sleeps” – Another good Gene track dismissed by Paul.  Probably out of jealousy of Gene getting into movies.

97           “Heart of Chrome” – Hey baby.  I’m gonna stick it in your heart of chrome!

96           “Into The Void” – I would’ve like more Ace on Psycho Circus.

95           “Creatures of the Night” – As campy as this song is, it was like a starter pistol signaling a change in KISS’ overall sound and direction.

94           “Love’s A Deadly Weapon” – I think Gene’s Asylum tracks are stronger than Paul’s.  Even when it’s just another song about his dick.

93           “Secretly Cruel” – A little nod to “Mr. Speed” with the opening riff.

92           “Tears Are Falling”Eric should have sung this.

91           “Thou Shalt Not” – A shot at the pious attitudes that exist in society.  And killer guitar work from Bruce.

90           “Nowhere To Run” – The four new tracks on KILLERS feel like Paul trying to remember how to write a Paul Stanley KISS song.  Almost like a therapy lesson.

89           “Silver Spoon”Paul misrepresents his relationship with his parents to make a greater point.  He earned everything he got.  True dat!

88           “Turn On The Night” – As much as I dig this song it feels like one of those “new” songs bands would put on their greatest hits to help sell the record.  Still a cool track.

87           “Hell or Highwater” – Another strong song from Gene for the Crazy Nights record.

86           “Under The Rose” – See “Only You”

85           “Only You”“Under The Rose” and “Only You” are companion track from Music from the Elder.  Two great tunes from a record the band should embrace.

84           “When Your Walls Come Down” – Here kitty kitty!  Side two of Crazy Nights opens with the best Paul track from the record.

83           “It Never Goes Away”Paul kills it on this track.  More please.

82           “Gimme More” – It’s hard to find a bad song on Lick It Up.

81           “God Gave Rock N Roll To You II” – Originally recorded for the Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey Soundtrack, the video would sadly be the last official appearance of Eric Carr who passed a few months later.

80           “Shout It Out Loud” – This may be the closest KISS came to capturing the magic of “Rock N Roll All Nite”.  Great songwriting.

79           “Anything For My Baby”Paul was really hitting his stride lyrically and melodically by Dressed To Kill.  They would soon dominate the world.

78           “Firehouse” –  A fairly rudimentary song presentation that just works.  The Mike Douglas performance of this song shows the band damn near at inception.

77           “All The Way” – Seeing this at 77 reminds me just how good this band’s music is.  It’s hard to justify placing it higher.  But it’s a killer track.

76           “Love Her All I Can” – Like most I prefer the Wicked Lester rendition… that was a joke.  Great riff.

75           “You’re All That I Want” – Another killer Unmasked track.  If that album had one of those timeless monster tracks, this album would be ranked up there with Destroyer.

74           “Almost Human” – I’m not sure but I think this song is about puberty.  How any kid who grew up listening to KISS managed to mature into a well-adjusted sexual human is beyond me.  This is some rapey shit lyrically.  Killer guitar tone though.

73           “Prisoner Of Love” – How the hell did I rank this song here?

72           “Burn Bitch Burn” – This song is a lot better than its reputation.  Gene has written worse and dumber songs.  You don’t have to look far down this list to find an example.

71           “Save Your Love”Ace was the hero on Dynasty.

70           “I’ve Had Enough (Into The Fire)”Paul opens Animalize with a shot.  He don’t need Vinnie and he don’t need Gene.

69           “Take It Off” – Stripper anthem.

68           “Within”Gene in his best form.

67           “Dreamin” – The publisher who holds the rights to the Alice Cooper track “18” sued and one for plagiarism.  I think Paul did enough to separate from “18” but oh well.

66           “The Street Giveth and the Street Taketh Away” – I like the homage to Bowie in the verses.  This could have been a 3rd or 4th single.

65           “I Still Love You” – Paul’s vocal on this track is amazing.  Supposedly about  Donna Dixon dumping him for Dan Aykroyd.

64           “Rock N Roll All Nite” – I know this is going to raise a few eyebrows.  And I get that this is a classic.  But c’mon.  Seriously.  I can’t listen to it anymore.

63           ”Parasite” – As good as Gene’s vocal is on this track.  Seeing Ace sing it in the 90’s was better.  The breakdown riff before the guitar solo never gets old.  “Unlike Rock N Roll All Nite”.

62           “Is That You?” – My favorite opener to a KISS album.

61           “She” – Riff after riff.  Classic KISS.

60           “Sweet Pain”Gene having an orgasm at the beginning of the song wasn’t necessary but this is a killer tune.

59           “Hotter Than Hell” – “She looked good she looked Hotter Than Hell”.  If you aren’t hooked by this point you may not enjoy music.

58           “I Will Be There” – A touching and heartfelt tribute to Paul’s first son Evan.  Paul’s legacy as one of Rock’s iconic voices is cemented.  This could be his last great vocal performance on tape.  His attack on the last chorus coming out of the solo is spine tingling.

57           “Let Me Know” – In many way KISS were the heavy metal Beatles.  This is probably the closest the came on record.

56           “Dance All Over Your Face” – Gene is also capable of delivering amazing vocal takes.  The brilliance in his performance here is the understated parts.  “You’re sharp as a slap from a mothers hand”  Killer.

55           “Charisma” – With only two tracks on Dynasty Gene had to make em count.  Classic Demon.

54           “What Makes The World Go Round” – I’ve always loved the guitar solo on this song.

53           “Tomorrow”Paul was really hitting his stride in 1980.  Should have been a top 40 hit.

52           “Strange Ways” – I wonder what this would have sounded like with the drum solo that was supposedly cut.  Guitar solo is Ace 101.  I think Tommy Thayer pulled most of his solo’s on Sonic Boom from the solo on this song and the solo on “Shock Me”.

51           “Strutter” – The first song on the first album.  The ALIVE! version really takes it up a notch.  I may be the only person who enjoys the Double Platinum re-mix.

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